Union Safe Co Review [Harbor Freight’s Gun Safes]

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Harbor Freight Tools is one of the best places I personally have found to buy any tool for a cheap price! They are awesome to get a needed tool, when you know you only need to use it once, and don’t want to spend a small fortune on tools like Snap-On.

However, when it comes to gun safes (something that should be keeping your firearms, and valuables secure), should you be buying these at Harbor Freight? Or are there better units out there that you should get instead?

I had a chance to take a look at most all of the Union Safe Company gun safes the other day at my local Harbor Freight, and came back with mixed feelings. Some of the safes are something that I could recommend, while others, I would recommend something else at a similar price.

Union Safe Digital Wall Safe

I really wanted to start off with a safe that I actually did like! Much like all other wall safes out there of this style, they aren’t really meant to be extremely secure, but rather a somewhat secure safe, that relies more on being hidden for its true security.

Because of this, you can keep prices extremely low by not having to spend as much on quality of steel, but can still keep good security overall.

With that said, the Union Safe Wall Digital safe at Harbor Freight can offer a great value, that doesn’t lose out too much on quality.

The safe is primarily a digital safe, but also does offer a key backup, that it so kindly reminds you not to lock on the inside of the safe (makes sense).

I do wish it had a hidden floor like what Snapsafe’s version of this safe has, but that is a small price to pay, when you are paying such a small price (about half the cost).

Other Options:

Union Safe Co. 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe

Now while I started off this article with a high point of Union Safe Co.’s offering, I need to talk about their only full-size gun safe that they offer.

After a quick glance, you could immediately tell that it wasn’t exactly a quality product, and had similar steel thickness to the wall safe. The difference, and why I just can’t recommend the product, is that full-size gun safes really are meant to be strong, and offer quality (because they can’t rely on being hidden quite as much).

On top of this, I can’t find anywhere what the true steel thickness of the safe is. However I think it is probably in the 14 to 18 gauge range based on a quick knock of the steel.

Yes, I know, I know, I have recommended safes in that range of steel in the past. However those safes are made by companies that have a reputation in the gun safe industry, or are white label versions of a gun safe company that has a good reputation. This one just doesn’t have that, and doesn’t have the quality that would work for many people.

To find a safe in this price point, I would recommend you read through this article here!

Quick Similar Alternatives:

Union Safes Drop Down Gun Safe

This style of gun safe is quickly becoming a popular alternative to a standard drawer desk or dresser safe. It offers extremely quick access to a firearm, and is a unique design that is perfect for many different applications.

The quality of this one from Union Safe Company definitely wasn’t the highest end version, but it likely will get the job done for a relatively low cost.

I wouldn’t count on this being a safe you keep for a long time, as you likely will want to upgrade to another one at some point in the future.

Other Alternatives

Union Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe

I must admit, it has been a long time since I have seen a safe with wheels on it. Thankfully from what I have found, the wheels are removable, as this is likely something you would never, and should never use. Bolt your safe to the ground, don’t make it easier to remove from your home.

Much like the full-size gun safe we talked about earlier, I was unable to find what gauge steel this safe has, but it likely is also in the 14-18 gauge range.

It will offer basic protection, but not much more than that. Remember, when you are buying a safe, you are buying time, not an impenetrable safe. The less you spend, the less time you are buying yourself… especially if it has wheels on it.

Other Options To Purchase:

Union Safe Personal Portable Security Safe

If you are on the hunt for an extremely cheap, and portable safe, this unit may just be for you! This unit appears to be exactly just like most others of this style on the market today, and I doubt it is any more, or less reliable than those other ones.

At its price point, and ease of purchase at your local Harbor Freight, it is probably going to be one of the best choices if this is what you are looking for.

Keep in mind, just because I am recommending this unit, in comparison to its competitors, does not make it a great safe. These units are inexpensive, and wouldn’t take much to break into. You wouldn’t want to leave your firearm in the unit left unattended for very long.

You would be better off going with one of these safes instead, if you want something more secure.



Quality, and value are definitely a toss up when it comes to a Union Safe Company branded unit from Harbor Freight. As you have found, some of the units are probably a really good deal, while others are something I would have a hard time justifying, even at the low prices that this store has to offer.

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