This Backpack By KeySmart Is Perfect For the Urban Lifestyle

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Alright, picture this! You are on your way to the office, and you have your laptop, books, you are sweating, and you just wish you could get to work and be done. This is just the worst day ever, well, KeySmart has you covered with their Urban21 Backpack!

This backpack has a couple awesome defining characteristics that will make your day just that much better.

Slim Design

With it’s slim design, it is easy to keep on the train, or maybe to keep it out of the weight at your office.

Water Resistance

Getting stuck in the rain is just the worst, and it’s even worse for those that don’t have a water resistant backpack. Hmmm maybe a KeySmart Urban21 is looking better as we go.

Anti Theft Pockets

One of my big worries when in a big city is the theft rate. This backpack has special hidden pockets for your valuables that are close to you, so that you will know if someone is trying to access them.


The Urban 21 has a ton of other options, and I would highly recommend clicking on the button below to learn more about them. I have been using KeySmart products for years, and this is just another great innovation by them.

If you live in a city and go into an office, this is the backpack for you. I think the perfect thing to go along with this would be Vaultek’s LifePod.

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