The Newest Way To Access Your Vaultek Safe

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Do you have a Vaultek Safe and wish there was an easier way to get into it? Okay, yes I know, they are already incredibly easy, since you can access them with your phone, fingerprint, keypad, keys and more.

However they have also had a little Smart Key, which was basically a button that you could press (kinda like a panic button?) and it will open the safe. Well, anyways, they just released a better, much improved version!

This one gives you a biometric reader for quick access.

Want in your safe quickly? Put your finger on the reader, and bam, your safe is open. Can’t get much quicker than that.

Personally, I think this would be best suited for their slider safe. As you can put it in an easy to access spot, but still keep the slider hidden.

What does it work with?

The button can open the Slider Series, RS Series, MX Series, and VT series.

Want to learn more? Watch their video below, and then click the button to visit their site.

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