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Vaultek Gun Safes Are One Of The Coolest Safe Companies

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Vaultek is a gun safe company based out of Orlando Florida. While they initially specialized in only pistol safes, they more recently have expanded their technology into the compact gun safe market.

Vaultek looks great anywhere in the home
[Photo courtesy of Vaultek]

This brand is personally one of my favorite companies, as they really seem to listen to their customers and what the market wants. They started out with the VT20i and VT20 pistol safes, and have since expanded their lineup gradually to include pretty much every size of pistol safe, and now as mentioned adding on full size gun safes.

Vaultek offers many different version of their safe for everyone

As of this writing, they currently sit in the sub-compact market with the 10 series, the compact market with the 20 series, the full size pistol safe market with the VT series, and the high capacity pistol safe market with the MX series. They also have gone into the specialty desk style safe market with the Slider SL series safe. The newest edition is the RS500i, being their rifle safe.

Vaultek's white version on a table
Vaultek gun safes are stylish even on a counter [Photo courtesy of Vaultek]

All Vaultek gun safe products also have access to an array of accessories, and an awesome app. Depending on which safe you choose you can use shelves, magazine racks, a remote button access key and more. These allow for one of the most customizable safe experiences on the market.

You can check out more about these Vaultek safes, and to purchase them on Vaultek’s website.

Vaultek has a cool battery

Vaultek has one of the coolest batteries I have ever seen. While just a simple battery, the safes are polarity sensing and you can put the battery in whichever way you want, so no more putting the battery in the wrong way.

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With their massive inventory of smart safes that is ever growing, Vaultek is shaking up the gun safe world. I really do think that we will start to see the other legacy gun safe manufacturers follow suit pretty quickly. Especially when Vaultek makes true full size safes.

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