Vaultek Lifepod 2.0 [Is It Better Than The Original]

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It has been no small secret that I really like the Lifepod by Vaultek. It was one of the first, versatile, water resistant every day safes on the market that was actually a good choice for purchase.

Now, we finally have the first update to the Lifepod with the Lifepod 2.0. This new version has many changes, including a larger size, a new carry strap, a new interior tray, and a new high density foam interior.

With a water resistance rating, it can even be used on boats [Image courtesy of Vaultek]

This new safe also still includes all of the awesome features like the capacitive keypad, a 1 year battery life, and of course its water resistance.

While most updates are great, the one downside, is the new bigger size ends up adding about a pound to the weight.

Lifepod 2.0 vs Lifepod Original

Want to see a side by side comparison, to see which is best for you? Take a look at the table below.

FeatureLifepod 2.0Lifepod OG
Water ResistantYesYes
Impact ResistantYesYes
Ext. Dimensions12.25″ L x 8.5″ W x 2.875″ H10.25″L x 7″ W x 2.25″ H
Int. Dimensions9.625″ L x 7.25″ W x 2.125″H7.75″ L x 6″ W x 1.75″H
Weight3 lbs, 4.8 oz2 lbs, 3 oz
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As you can see, one of the major changes to the new 2.0 is the size difference! This change in size allows for larger items to be added, including full-size handguns (up to 9.25″ long, instead of 7.75″ long before), and not just the smaller alternatives.

Other notable additions to the 2.0

The other big, notable change to the 2.0 that the original doesn’t have, is the addition of the removable interior tray.

This tray is basically an insert, that use in conjunction with the included velcro straps keeps all of your items in place. So instead of having your items either needing to be custom cut into foam, or to just have them rolling around in the safe, you can have them safely secured in the 2.0 without worry of damaging them.

You can see how the tray works in this picture! [Image courtesy of Vaultek]

Another great addition, or more of a modification is the addition of a 48″ security cable, instead of the 19″ that came with the original. This gives you the ability to easily use the safe, while it is still secured.

Other Reading

Design changes

Not much has changes on the design front when it comes to the Lifepod 2.0. This isn’t a bad thing though, I have always thought it was one of the best styled safes on the market.

The only major change that I can see, is the addition of a new logo that states “Precision Crafter” above the Vaultek logo, and “Defense Systems” below.


I probably shouldn’t be this excited about a launch of a small safe, however Vaultek continues to make some really awesome products. I have had the Vaultek VT10i in my posession for years at this point, and have really liked it.

In my opinion, the Vaultek Lifepod 2.0 is better than the original. However I am sure many people will likely want the smaller profile of the original Lifepod.

This Lifepod 2.0 is probably one of the safes that Vaultek offers, that should work for the largest group of people. It isn’t meant just for firearms, rather for tons of different items like wallets, watches, money, and so much more.

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