You, Yes You, Should Buy This Vaultek Lifepod

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The Vaultek Lifepod is the first safe by Vaultek that isn’t necessarily made to house a firearm, which is totally awesome!

I have been a fan of Vaultek for years now, and have reviewed personally their VT10i in this article, however the Lifepod is extremely exciting, as this means they will be bringing their quality and know-how to the masses!

The Lifepod is a water resistant (IP 65 rated), air tight, floating, electronic keypad, portable safe for on-the-go. 

Who is this safe for?

Honestly, this safe would be perfect for pretty much anyone. The businessman, the outdoorsman, the on-the-road goer, and more.

It really is for anyone that wants to keep their belongings safe, and not necessarily just a firearm. It will fit cell phones, keys, wallets, watches, and more in the safe.

Will it fit in a backpack?

One of the awesome things about the Lifepod is its ability to be portable at only 2 pounds and 3 ounces it is lightweight. It also is only 10.25″ long by 7″ wide and 2.25″ deep. This means it can fit into large purses or normal backpacks.

Want a backpack specifically for this? Yeah, they make that as well.

The Competition

Yes, I’m sure you can find other options that will work. However from what I can think of, this is the only on-the-go safe that I personally could see me taking with me wherever I go.

Don’t trust an electronic keypad?

Many people don’t trust keypads, however it is really difficult to get around the fact that they are extremely quick to access. For the most part the pros outweigh the cons. However Vaultek has included a key backup for those who are hesitant to rely on something with an electronic keypad. This makes it rather EMP proof.

What colors does it come in?

The Lifepod comes in quite a few options. More specifically covert black, titanium gray, rush orange, alpine white, and rose gold. My personal favorite is the rush orange!

New Color: Recently they even rolled out an awesome new color Luxe Blue!

Is the Lifepod TSA compliant?

According to Vaultek’s website the Lifepod is TSA compliant, meaning you can take it anywhere with you!


Safes aren’t inherently exciting, let’s be honest. However this little safe is really impressive, and I am pretty excited about it! 

It really does give you everything you need out of a portable safe, no matter who you are.
If you want to learn more about Vaultek, you can read about them in my article here.

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