The Vaultek MX Series is a huge smart pistol safe [And It’s Awesome]

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The Vaultek MX Series is a high capacity pistol safe. With a price of a full-size gun safe it packs some of the highest tech features known to gun safes of really any size.

While it maintains many of the other awesome features of the Vaultek safe line, it adds many new ones that no other safe has really had before.

Let’s take a look at my favorite features of the MX Series

Modular interior

The MX Series has an awesome modular interior. This includes multiple layouts depending on how many handguns you need to fit in, as well as a top shelf that will slide out when you need it to.

You can get pistol racks, magazine holders, and more to customize the interior of this safe like no other.

While there are other full size safes that offer this kind of thing, never have I seen it so capable in a pistol safe like this one.

Oversized Fingerprint Scanner

The oversized fingerprint scanner that is found on the new Slider Series safe has found itself on these models as well. These fingerprint scanners are supposedly some of the best out there.

Humidity and Temperature Notificaitons

Yes, that is right. This is a handgun safe will notify you on your cell phone app about the humidity and the temperature of your safe.

If it is outside of the desired temperature or humidity you will know that you need to take a look at it.


There are of course many other features of these safes, like a tamper notification, a great keypad, and a very cool phone app. These safes are some of the highest tech safes on the market right now.

These safes are definitely worth a look!

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