The Vaultek RS800i: How it stacks up to the other RS series

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Vaultek has been rolling out some of the most high tech gun safes on the market for years at this point. One of my favorite pistol safes is the VT10i, and for quite a while, one of my favorite high tech full size safes was the RS500i.

Now Vaultek has finally released the next step up to the RS500i, with the RS800i, making it the third addition to their full size safe lineup.

So what is different from the RS500i (and the little brother RS200i)?

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

The differences between the RS500i and the RS800i really comes down to the depth of the safe.

It keeps the same 54″ height, which should allow for most longer firearms without any issue. It also maintains the 14″ width, which allows for up to 5 or so rifles to be placed next to each other, but still be easily accessible.

Now, the main difference though, is the depth of the safe. Instead of 11.7″ in depth, it now has 16″ in depth.

So what does that do for you?

This means you can easily keep handguns upright, and rifles with magazines installed. Meaning you have much quicker access to your firearms than ever before.

It should also be mentioned, that they have an awesome modular interior, that includes the door panel. You can even keep a firearm on the door, which is made possible by this extended depth.

So you can get a good idea, below is a table showing the different dimensions of the RS series.

RS800i54″14″16″See Price
RS500i54″14″11.7″See Price
RS200i50″7.5″14″See Price

What other features does the safe have?

So we have now talked about the difference between the two safes, but what if you aren’t already familiar with the RS series of safes? This is for you.

[Image courtesy of Vaultek]

The RS Series is one of the most high tech full-size gun safes on the market.

They offer tamper alerts, interior lighting, multiple access points (including a remote biometric button, and a phone application).

On top of this, you can have tons of different accessories including bins, pistol storage, ammo storage, and a ton more.

Is heat and humidity a problem? Not anymore, the RS series is able to sense all of these things and send a report directly to your phone, no matter where you are.

When it comes down to it, if you want a high tech safe, the RS series by Vaultek is really the only real player in the game.

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