Making The Best Personal Safe More Portable

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I really, really like the Lifepod by Vaultek. I personally think it offers one of the best experiences of any personal safe out there.

You can of course read about it’s features in this article I wrote here, but this article is about their newly announced Trek Pack Series.

So what is the Trek Pack series? This is the combination of the Lifepod with the Slingbag that is available for it.

The intention of the Lifepod has always been to be a safe you can take with you anywhere, and having this pack was inevidle.

It makes it easy to have the whole experience with just one purchase.

The kit includes:

  • The LifePod
  • The SlingBag
  • A tether lanyard
  • Keys
  • Steel security cable for the LifePod
  • Combo lock and cable for the SlingBag

Who is this for?

This kit would be perfect for people that take valuables like wallets, phones, keys, and more to beaches, parties, malls, and other places that there are plenty of people, but not many ways to secure your items.

Are you sold? Below is a link to the manufacturers website to buy.

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