Here is what a Breakdown Gun Cabinet is, and Which Ones You Should Buy

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So you stumbled upon breakdown gun cabinets, but just don’t quite understand what they are, and why you may want one?

A breakdown gun cabinet is very similar to a modular gun safe. Where it is shipped, and arrives flat, and then you put it together where you want it installed. You can also then break it down later on to move it, and start all over again. Generally speaking, a breakdown gun cabinet will have steel in the range of 16-18 gauge.

Why would you want a breakdown gun cabinet?

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So this brings up a good question, why in the world you want a breakdown cabinet?

It really comes down to portability. Not everyone is able to, or wants to move a gun safe on their own, and finding a friend to help you can not only be hard, but also dangerous, as more people know you have a gun cabinet in the first place.

These types of cabinets are also awesome for people that move around a lot (like military, or college students) because they are as simple as breaking them down and taking them to the new residence. Plus they are lighter-weight, meaning they are less likely to damage things while either sitting still, or being moved.

Which breakdown gun cabinets are any good?

I’ll be 100% honest, that there aren’t that many breakdown gun cabinets that I would recommend you shopping for.

While Stack-On has a few, and a couple other brands, the only company that offers breakdown gun cabinets of any real quality is SecureIt Tactical.

The SecureIt Model 52 is a high quality breakdown gun cabinet (almost a safe, and I even added it on my modular safe list).

It is awesome, because of its modular design, awesome movable interior, and is one of the highest security cabinets on the market. Not just for breakdown cabinets, but gun cabinets in general. I would recommend you buy it directly from the manufacturer here.

That said, the only othere breakdown cabinet I would recommend is the SecureIt Model 40. Yep, the exact same safe, just 12 inches shorter! This one can be bought from SecureIt at this link here.

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How much are breakdown gun cabinets?

Breakdown gun cabinets can range heavily from under $100 all the way up to around $1000. With my favorites sitting in the middle of this range, you can expect to pay around $600 for a quality unit that will last you a long time, and keep you safe in the process.

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A breakdown gun cabinet can be great for some people, and maybe not for others! If you want something that is higher security, then a breakdown gun cabinet may not be for you.

However if you want something that is easily moved around, and you aren’t too worried about break-ins, then one of these might be an awesome option for you!