What is a hiking umbrella?

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Keeping dry during a hike is of utmost importance. No matter how good your waterproof jacket is, somehow rain manages to find its way through, especially if you are caught in a downpour all day. A hiking umbrella may not look cool, but it does give you an added layer of protection against the elements.

A hiking umbrella is just a small, lightweight umbrella that is easy to pack away. Umbrellas are tried and tested pieces of equipment that keep you dry. Also, on warm days sometimes wearing a heavy jacket makes you too hot. With a hiking umbrella, you do not have to lug your coat around with you. 

How to use a hiking umbrella?

Although the best way to carry a hiking umbrella is the same as a traditional one, in one of your hands, you can also fasten it to your backpack if you would rather not have one of your arms at a right angle for long periods.

Be mindful that you will need to secure the umbrella pole within your backpack or even to one of the shoulder straps if it is windy. 

There is no denying that hiking with an umbrella is not the perfect thing. However, if it promises to keep you dryer than a rain jacket alone and is inexpensive, who cares.

The likelihood is that no one will see you anyway, and imagine the satisfaction you will get when you stop and realize that you are not soaked to the bone for the first time. 

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While a hiking umbrella may not replace a rain jacket altogether, there is no denying that it is a cheaper investment and can work just as well.

The perfect solution is to use a hiking umbrella and a rain jacket for increased protection against the elements while you hike.

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