Back of the Truck: What is it called?

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The official name given to the back of a regular pickup truck is cargo bed. This is the area designated for storage located outside of the cabin of the vehicle.

So what is the back of a truck called? The most common thing that is the back of a truck is the bed, however people may also be referring to the bed cover, or even the tool box in the back of the truck. However all of these things are just attached the truck bed in the end.

Passenger Truck Beds

Truck beds are simple portions of the vehicle. They are an empty space in the back of the truck that are made up of three walls and a door called a tailgate. Most truck beds have a liner that protects the metal frame from the elements as well as wear and tear.

The majority of these liners are one of two types of material. The most common type is a durable plastic cover that is installed over the base metal. This is the most economic option and the thick plastic offers protection from being damaged by items being loaded and unloaded.

The other kind of bed liner is a spray-on coating. This option typically costs more and has been growing in popularity in recent years. Spray-on liners perform better than their counterparts and they provide an airtight seal. This seal adds an extra waterproof layer to guard your vehicle against corrosion and rust.

Bed Covers

Bed covers are coverings that are used to enclose the cargo bed. There are several types of bed covers, some of them are hard like camper shells while others are made up of more flexible materials. Camper shells are heavy and manufactured from sturdy plastic.

They act as a roof over the bed of the truck and keep out the wind and rain. Soft covers don’t offer as much protection but are a cheaper and more convenient option. Soft covers are easier to remove and store when they are not in use. Soft covers are low profile and don’t affect the driver’s range of vision. Camper shells have solid walls that stand higher and can obscure the line of sight from the mirrors.


Another popular item truck owners add to their cargo beds is toolboxes, also known as storage boxes. Some trucks are purchased with them straight from the retailer as part of the deal and others have them added on afterward. Toolboxes are smaller containers that are traditionally installed directly into the cargo bed with screws or other hardware.

These smaller storage boxes offer a safe place to store your tools and other personal belongings. Toolboxes are great for securing items and keeping them out of the rain. A variety of toolboxes are available on the market. Some options are made of heavy-duty metal and designed for large tools while others are made out of lightweight plastic.


The back of a standard pickup truck is called a cargo bed but is more often referred to as just a bed. It is a section of the truck reserved for storage and is separated from the cab of the vehicle. This part of the truck offers storage space to keep the inside of the truck from being filled with tools and clutter.

Bed covers and toolboxes can be added to help organize the area and keep personal items from getting wet, damaged, or stolen.