What SUVs are not crossovers? Here are all 16 of them in 2023

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Whether you agree with it or not, body on frame SUVS are becoming less and less common! Even huge nameplates like the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Blazer, and even the Land Rover Defender have dropped the true SUV body on frame structure for the more car-like crossover platform.

Thankfully, there are still some new SUVs out there with the body on frame build, and I’m here to help you find them! So what vehicles are still made with body-on-frame? Take a look at this quick (unfortunately too quick) list of SUVs with this framework.

Please take note, this is not a list of best non-crossover vehicles, but rather just an alphabetical list of available ones still on the market!

1. Cadillac Escalade

While the Escalade has always had a body on frame design, Cadillac was kind enough to make a completely new update to the Escalade lineup! This new SUV is an awesome, tech heavy vehicle with one of the largest dash screens on the market.

It still keeps the body-on-frame design, but makes things so much smoother by utilizing rear independent suspension. Something the older version didn’t have.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

[Image courtesy of Cheverolet]

The Tahoe is built on the exact same platform as the Cadillac we just talked about, so it continues on with the body-on-frame as well!

This shorter version of the Suburban we just talked about was also just refreshed, and is better than ever, without sacrificing its off-road prowess.

One awesome thing about the newest generation of Tahoe, is that it has added 10 inches of room for the rear passengers. That with the all new styling should give it a good edge up on a lot of the competition.

3. Chevrolet Suburban

[Image courtesy of Cheverolet]

Need something even bigger than the already huge Tahoe? The Suburban is essentially the same thing, just longer.

Meaning you have room for the whole family, and you can take the kitchen sink with you behind them.

The newest Suburban now offers independent rear suspension, making the ride so much smoother than ever before.

Now taking the whole family has never been more comfortable.

4. Ford Expedition

[Image courtesy of Ford]

This mammoth of an SUV is a direct competitor to the GM products that we have already talked about in this article.

It is a massive SUV with tons of great features, and that includes that it is a body-on-frame SUV.

My favorite thing about the Expedition?

The fact that they worked with Dr. Pepper to make a 15 pack of soda, 1 can for each cup holder the Expedition has.

You can never go wrong with a fun marketing campaign.

5. GMC Yukon (XL)

Alright, this is the last GM product on this list! The GMC Yukon sits between the Chevy Tahoe and the Cadillac Escalade in the luxury category.

I really like the front end on the GMC vehicle, in comparison to the Chevy, which makes this a favorite among a lot of buyers.

6. Infiniti QX80

Wait, Infinity still makes vehicles? Yep! And the QX80 is one of the bigger vehicles that they make.

Based on the Nissan Armada, the QX80 is a step up in luxury from the vehicle, however continues with the body-on-frame design.

7. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

This luxury SUV from Jeep marks the return of the Grand Wagoneer nameplate.

While it no longer has wood paneling on the side, it does offer some awesome features, and uses the same platform from the RAM 1500.

My favorite thing about the new Grand Wagoneer is the interior, it looks extremely high end, and should be just as comfortable.

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8. Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is one of the smaller vehicles on this list to maintain its true SUV heritage!

It still offers a body on frame construction and all of its off-road capabilities.

These are tons of fun to drive, and are definitely a unique vehicle.

This is also one of the most modifiable vehicles out there right now, as seen in the image to the left here.

9. Lexus GX460

[Image courtesy of Lexus]

The GX460 is based on the 4Runner made by Toyota, and basically makes it a more luxurious option to it.

With bold styling, it is definitely noticeable while going down the street.

This makes it one of the best smaller body on frame, true Luxury SUVs on sale today!

If you are shopping for a small, but capable and luxurious SUV this might be it.

10. Lexus LX

[Image courtesy of Lexus]

While the GX460 may be based on the smaller 4Runner, the Lexus LX series is based on the larger Land Cruiser platform.

This makes it just as capable as the Land Cruiser but oh so much more luxurious.

It of course carries the polarizing huge front grill (I personally like it), and all of the awesome Toyota reliability.

11. Lincoln Navigator

This is the Lincoln version of the Expedition we talked about earlier in this article! It is full of tech, and high quality products.

I really like the way these SUVs look, and is probably one of my favorite body-on-frame SUVs out there right now.

If I need a full-size vehicle in this range, I would want this one for sure.

12. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Also known as the G-Wagon, this ultra expensive, high end SUV is the king of luxury SUVs.

With its past as a military vehicle, workhorse, and many other things, it was then slowly turned into the ultimate luxury vehicle.

The G-Class was also just recently re-vamped and is now considerably better than it has ever been in the past.

Offering more tech, and better build quality.

13. Nissan Armada

This is the Nissan version of the QX80 we talked about earlier in the article. It is also the largest SUV that Nissan makes.

With the same platform as the Nissan Titan, this SUV is an awesome vehicle, while just a little…strange looking.

14. Toyota 4Runner

There is no hiding that I really like Toyota vehicles. The Celica has long been one of my favorite cars, and really their complete lineup is a favorite.

The 4Runner by far is my favorite of their SUVs, with its offroad capabilities, smaller design, but still with a ladder frame, making it a true SUV.

Not to mention, the aggressive looks give it a mean styling that I really do like.

15. Toyota Land Cruiser

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

The Land Cruiser has been around for a very, very long time. It has seen many wars, many off-roading trips, and even more family trips.

It has also maintained its body on frame styling, and its offroad capabilities.

With a high quality nameplate, these things are by no means cheap, but people like to keep them, and they maintain their value for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Try finding a low mileage Land Cruiser, I dare yah.

16. Toyota Sequoia

[Image courtesy of Toyota]

If the Land Cruiser and 4Runner just isn’t quite big enough, then the Sequoia is going to be your best bet!

This ladder frame SUV is based on the Tundra and is an awesome option for those that just need a huge SUV that will last a really long time.

So there you have it! These are all of the current SUVs that are on the market today! You should buy them now, before this list gets shorter.

What is a Crossover?

I’m sure you have heard the term crossover many different times, however did you know they are actually truly different from an SUV? This comes down to the platform that the vehicle is built on.

Crossovers are built on the same platform that sedans or cars in general are built on. They don’t have a ladder frame, but instead everything is used as the frame itself.

What is an SUV?

On the contrary to crossovers, SUVs use the same underpinnings as a truck. They use a ladder frame, and then everything else including the body, sits on top of that frame.

SUVs tend to be better offroad, and have more clearance, while crossovers tend to have a better and more comfortable ride.


While standard SUVs are becoming less popular, and crossovers take over there are only about 16 vehicles left for those that want to own one! Of course many of them are just different version of eachother, making it even less common.

I hope this helped you out in your search for a body-on-frame SUV

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