7 Types of Mugs That Keep Your Coffee Hot (5 That Don’t)

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Keeping your coffee hot is one of the biggest battles when it comes to those that enjoy a great cup of coffee! If you don’t drink it right after it brews, you can miss the window between a good cup of coffee, and a cold cup of coffee. To help out with this, you should be considering a coffee mug that can help you out in keeping your coffee hot for the longest amount of time possible.

With that said, let’s get right into the different types of mugs that will help you keep your coffee warm, and maybe give you couple recommendations to start you on your journey.

1. Smart Coffee Mugs

If you are looking for a coffee mug that will keep your coffee hot and also help you to be more productive, then you should consider investing in a smart coffee mug.

Smart coffee mugs have built-in sensors that track the temperature of your coffee and keep it at the perfect drinking temperature.

They also usually come with a mobile app that allows you to control the temperature of your coffee and set alerts so that you never have to worry about your coffee getting cold.

While this may sound ridiculous, it really is the best way to keep your coffee hot, and at the right temperature.

The Ember Coffee Mug you see to the left (and can be purchased here) is one of our favorites!

2. Stainless Steel Mugs with Lids

Another great option for coffee mugs that will keep your coffee hot are stainless steel mugs with lids. These mugs are made with double-walled construction and have tight-fitting lids that help to trap in heat.

Additionally, the metal material of the mug helps to conduct heat better than any other material, and keeps your coffee nice and warm.

Keep in mind though, some people don’t like the taste of coffee out of a metal container.

That said, I am currently (as I am writing this) drinking from a YETI Rambler 14 ounce mug that you can purchase right here. It is one of my go-to mugs at home! I don’t normally use a lid on mine, and its stainless steel structure keeps my coffee warmer than any other mug in my cupboard.

3. Double walled glass mugs

If you are looking for a coffee mug that is both stylish and effective at keeping your coffee hot, then you should consider a double-walled glass mug.

These mugs have two layers of glass separated by an air pocket, which helps to insulate the coffee and keep it hot for longer. Plus, they look great on any coffee table or kitchen counter!

If you are on the hunt for an awesome double walled glass mug, the 2-pack of JoyJolt glass mugs to the left are an awesome choice. You can also purchase them here!

4. Thermal coffee mugs

Thermal coffee mugs are another great option for keeping your coffee hot. These mugs have thermal insulation that helps to keep heat in and cold out. Additionally, many thermal coffee mugs come with lids to further help trap heat inside the mug.

These mugs normally have either an air pocket, or some kind of insulation between the layers of metal, and this keeps your coffee warmer than the competition.

Thermal mugs are generally known as being the compromise, as they can be quite ugly, however, we really like the Fellow Carter Move Mug to the left, as it looks awesome and is extremely easy to use with its Slide-lock lid. You can buy it right here!

5. Narrow mouthed mugs

If you are looking for a coffee mug that will help your coffee stay hot but is also easy to drink from, then you should consider a narrow-mouthed coffee mug.

These mugs have a small opening at the top, which helps to prevent heat from escaping. Additionally, the small opening makes it easy to control the flow of coffee as you drink, so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself.

I personally am not a huge fan of the style of narrow mouthed mugs, however I definitely see the benefit of keeping the coffee warm.

Because of this, I would look for one that looks the best possible, and I really like the mug to the left, which is the Good Always 14 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug that can be bought here.

6. Pre-heated thick ceramic mug

Ceramic mugs are also a good option for coffee mugs that will keep your coffee hot. Ceramic is a material that is good at holding heat, so your coffee will stay nice and warm in a ceramic mug. Additionally, ceramic mugs often have insulated construction, which helps to further keep heat in.

Even though ceramic mugs do a generally good job of keeping your coffee hot, it is recommended to preheat these, as they also retain the cold from before you were using it as well, and transfers that into your coffee.

All you have to do is let some hot boiling water, or just hot water from the tap sit in the mug for 30 seconds or so, to allow the material to warm up a bit before you pour your brew in.

If you are looking for a great option for a ceramic mug, this one right here is an awesome option.

7. Anything with a lid on it

If you don’t want to buy any of the above, then you should consider any mug that has a lid on it!

Mugs that have lids are also a good choice for coffee mugs that will keep your coffee hot. The lid helps to trap in heat and keep your coffee nice and toasty.

Now, the main reason you may not be going with any other options on this list, may be because of budget constraints! So with that said, here is my favorite budget coffee mug with a lid.

What mugs should you not buy to keep your coffee hot?

1. Single walled glass mugs

Single walled glass mugs do not have any insulation, so they are not good at keeping coffee hot. The heat from your coffee will quickly escape through the walls of the mug, and your coffee will end up being lukewarm at best.

2. Paper coffee cups

Paper coffee cups are not good at keeping coffee hot either. The paper cup does not have any insulation, so the heat from your coffee will quickly escape. Additionally, paper coffee cups are not very durable and are not reusable.

3. Thinner ceramic mugs

Thinner ceramic mugs are not as good at keeping coffee hot as thicker ceramic mugs. The thinner the mug, the less heat it will be able to hold. This in fact should be considered with any material you are looking at, the thinner the material, the less it is going to retain heat for you.

4. Plastic mugs

Plastic mugs are not good at keeping coffee hot either. Plastic is a poor conductor of heat, so the heat from your coffee will quickly escape through the walls of the mug. If you do buy a plastic coffee mug, make sure it is double walled, and that it comes with a lid.

5. Camp Mugs

I see these camp mugs all the time, I am talking about those thin walled ceramic (or sometimes metal) mugs that look really cool. Sure, they look awesome, however their thin walled construction will make your coffee cold in moments, if you want a great camp mug, you should instead opt for the Yeti 14 oz Mug, or have a quick read through this article for all of our favorite camping mugs.


Many different types of coffee mugs will keep your coffee hot. Some of the best coffee mugs for keeping coffee hot are thermal coffee mugs, double-walled glass mugs, and ceramic mugs. Mugs with lids are also a good choice for keeping coffee hot. You should avoid single-walled glass mugs, paper coffee cups, and plastic mugs if you want your coffee to stay hot.

I hope that this article helped inform you about the best coffee mugs for keeping your coffee hot! Thanks for reading!

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