Where are Champion Gun Safes made?

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Champion Gun Safes in Provo Utah

Champion Safes Location

Champion Gun Safes is a major gun safe manufacturer that has many amazing features. However, one of the biggest questions when shopping for a safe is: “Where is this safe made?”.

This manufacturer builds all of their full-size gun safes right here in the USA. Two of the things I love most about these American-made safes is their Classic Steel Door Archway, and the double steel door casement.

To be exact, they are located at:
2055 S. Tracy Hall Parkway
Provo, UT 84606

Pro Tip: If you are in Provo Utah, one can visit both ProSteel and Champion Safes. As they are about a 2 minute driving distance from each other. Liberty Safes is also about 18 minutes away.

With its headquarters in in Provo Utah, it builds the Champion, Superior, Safe Guard, and their Vault Doors right there in house.

For a great value, I highly recommend taking a look at their entry level “Model T” series, where Ford’s philosophy of simplicity and functionality finds its home. With a 12 Gauge steel body, and a 60 minute fire rating, and a price starting under $1200.00 its hard to beat.

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