Here’s Who Makes Field & Stream Gun Safes

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Field & Stream has a wide array of imported safes out there right now! However just like many other manufacturers, they don’t have their own facility to build these safes, and instead contract with another company to make these safes, and white label them. To add, no Dick’s Sporting Goods may be the only retailer of these safes, however they are not the manufacturer either.

So who makes Field & Stream gun safes then? Based on my research, I think that Stack-On is the manufacturer of Field & Stream gun safes. Each brand has near identical safes in their inventory.

At first glance, I had a sneaking suspicion that Stack-On was the manufacturer when I looked at the Field & Stream safes, just based on price, the hinges and paint style. They all seemed rather familiar. It also narrowed down the search from higher end safes that are on the market.

So what tipped it over the edge, to deeming Stack-On as the manufacturer? The comparison between the Sportsman 24+4 Gun Fire Safe and the Stack-On FS-24-MB-W.

Sportsman 24+4 Gun Fire Safe vs Stack-On FS-24-MB-E

Before we dig into why I think these two safes are the same safe with different logos, you should have a quick look at the table below that puts them up side-by-side.

F&S Sportsman 24+4Stack-On FS-24-MB-E
Weight418 lbs398 lbs
Fire Rating1400 degrees /30 minutes1400 degrees /30 minutes
Ext Dimensions55″H x 29″W x 20.25″D29.25 x 20.25 x 55″
Boltwork3 Live Bolts
2 Dead Bolts
3 Live Bolts
2 Dead Bolts
Capacity24 guns + 4 On the Door 24 guns


As you can see, the weights are within a margin of error, as the Sportsman safe comes with a door panel, and the Stack-On does not. It also may be weighed with packing on, while the other does not. I think these weights are close enough, and matched with the other comparisons shows these are the same safe.

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Fire Rating

Both the Field & Stream, and the Stack-On offer the exact same fire rating. This would be 30 minutes of a temperature at 1400 degrees.

This one its own wouldn’t necessarily tell us these are the same, however it should be mentioned that the 1400 degree rating is less popular than the 1200 degree rating, narrowing the manufacturer down that much more.


Both safes are at 55”, which is normal for imports. However what is less normal is the combination of the width and depth of the safe. Both safes are 29” wide (the Stack-On is 29.25” but close enough, and can be up to how someone measures. The depth for both safes is identical at 20.25”.

With the dimensions of the safes being the same, these are stacking up to be the same safe.

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The boltwork’s similarities between these two safes is what finally convinced me my hunch was right. Both of these safes offer 3 live bolts on the non-hinge side, and 2 deadbolts on the hinge side of the safe.

Every safe is so different when it comes to bolt work, that this really gives it away for me.


Finally we have the capacity of the safes. Both are rated at 24 guns, with the Field & Stream version offering 4 hand gun pockets on the door.

Capacity is really up in the air when it comes to gun safes, and the exact same safe could be rated differently by different companies. Having both of these safes with the same capacity further tells me that Field & Stream likely got the specs direct from Stack-On and shared it that way.


While I only did this close comparison for these two safes, I have no doubt the rest of Field & Streams gun safes will line up with the remainder of Stack-On’s lineup in some way.

So that settles it, based on my research, Field & Stream gun safes are made by Stack-On.

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