Top 4 Reasons Your Gun Safe Is Beeping: How to solve them

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If you are on this article, you likely are running into some sort of a beeping sound from your gun safe! In this article, we are going to go through all of the different reasons your safe may be beeping, so that you can easily get it resolved.

Beeping from your gun safe can be a result of many different factors, however, the most common are dead batteries, incorrect code being entered, a time delay, or even a simple setting in the lock, and tamper alerts.

So with that said, let’s get into each reason, and get you helped!

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1. Beeps every once in a while, when you are not using it

This is by far the most common reason someone might be confused about why their safe is beeping at them. If you find that your safe beeps every once in a while, it likely is because your 9V battery is starting to die, and it is letting you know that you need to replace it.

To replace the battery (in most gun safes), all you have to do is push upwards on the base of your electronic keypad, and it will pop off. This will reveal the 9V battery behind the keypad, where you will replace the battery, very much like a smoke detector in your home.

So how often should you change your batteries? I would recommend changing your batteries every time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors, which is every 6 to 12 months or so. If you are letting your safe get to the point that it has to beep at you, then you are waiting too long.

Keep in mind, if you use your safe a lot, or hardly at all, will change how often your battery will last.

Please note: I am sure the fact your electronic lock can detach from the safe may be a surprise. However, all of the locking mechanism portions of the lock are on the interior of the safe and are away from anyone that may want to break into your safe.

2. Beeps when you press electronic lock buttons

Almost every electronic lock is going to beep from the factory when you press buttons. This is generally meant to let you know that you have successfully pressed a button and that it was registered.

This makes it so you can catch if you did something incorrectly, before continuing on with your code sequence. That said, you can turn this beeping off, but we’ll talk about that later in the article!

3. Beeps after inputting code, but safe won’t open

If your safe beeps a couple of times after you attempt to put in your electronic lock code, the safe won’t open. This generally means that you are either using an incorrect code, or you might be accidentally pressing the wrong buttons during the sequence.

I would highly recommend trying your input more carefully to see if you are pressing the wrong buttons, or if you should think about if you have recently changed your code.

I do recommend writing down the code that you use for your gun safe, however, never keep it close to the safe, and never label the code as your “gun safe code”, so it will be more difficult for someone to know what they are looking at if your code is discovered.

You may also find, that if you are inputting your code incorrectly too many times in a row, you may go into a lock-out mode (aka time delay). This will lock you out of the safe for a specific amount of time (generally 20 minutes or so). This will be evident by angry beeping after inputting your code, and the safe not opening.

4. Your safe is beeping after you move it

This is a good thing! Many newer, smart pistol safes offer tamper alerts. This means that if a child picks it up, or if a thief is trying to take it away, it sounds an alarm with a beeping sound. Some, like this safe right here, even will notify your phone to let you know that it is being tampered with.

Now, you can also get a tamper alert for your full-size safe as well! This Lockdown Puck is a great option, and it will beep when your safe is being tampered with, and will even log whenever the door is opened.

Can you turn off the beeping on a gun safe?

While you can’t turn off some beeping functions on most safes, you can turn off the beeping sound whenever you are actively pressing buttons on the safe.

This differs widely depending on the safe, and the brand you purchased. Most safes will show you step-by-step how to do this in the user manual, or you can always give a quick call to the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, you turn off the beeping by inputting a specific code sequence into the pad, and it will disable the beeping.

So why would you want to turn off the beeping? While the beeping is helpful to let you know a successful input, it is also a sound that might alert anyone in the home of your presence, that you may not want. This is up to you, and the purpose of your safe. If it is for self-defense storage, you might want to disable it. If it is strictly for storage, then the beeping is quite helpful.

What should I do if I just can’t stop the beeping?

So you read through this article completely, tried different things, and you still can’t get your safe to stop beeping? That is where a locksmith is going to come into play. Locksmiths will work directly with the manufacturer of your gun safe to troubleshoot the issue on your safe and will help by repairing any issues that have arisen and more.

It is even possible, if the safe is too damaged, that they may have to drill and repair your safe to get it opened. Only certified locksmiths will be able to do this though, as not just anyone can gain access to the information needed to effectively do this.


Beeping sounds from your gun safe is generally nothing to worry about and can be a helpful indicator that you need to change your batteries or that you might be pressing the wrong buttons during your input sequence.

In some cases, you can disable the beeping by following a specific code input, but this is up to you whether or

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