Here’s What Yeti Drinkware Will Fit In Your Cup Holders

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Thanks for the support! 👍

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are you one of those people that always tends to be stoked about a coffee mug, you buy it, and only to find that it doesn’t fit into your cars cup holder?

This issue compounds when you are buying a mug as expensive as a Yeti mug!

So will a Yeti fit in a cup holder? Thankfully the Yeti Rambler Tumblers do fit perfectly in a cup holder! However don’t get your hopes up on the mugs, as they are not able to fit in the cup holders.

Yeti ProductWill It Fit In Cup Holder
Yeti Rambler Tumbler (Paid Link)It Will Fit
Yeti 18oz Water Bottles (Paid Link)It Will Fit
Yeti Rambler Mug (Paid Link)Will Not Fit

Yeti Rambler Tumblers

The Tumbler series of drinkware by Yeti were built to be the perfect to-go mugs! Because of this, they made sure that every one of them, no matter what size you get is able to fit into a cup holder.

I personally use the 20 ounce tumbler as my main to-go mug, and it fits perfectly!

However you will noticed that even on the giant 30 ounce tumbler tapers down at the bottom to make sure it is able to fit into any cup holder you need.

Yeti Rambler Mugs

While the Tumblers were built to be a great to-go option, the mugs definitely were not!

These mugs were build to be a good camp mug, or even an at-home mug, however they are not an acceptable to-go mug for going in your car.

Not only because the handle on the side makes it impossible to fit in a cup holder, but also because the lids will allow your drink to slosh around and find its way out of your mug, and onto your jeans.

Yeti Water Bottles

We have a couple different Yeti water bottles, the 26 ounce and the 18 ounce versions.

The 26 ounce requires a larger cup holder to be present (thankfully we have those).

While the 18 ounce has no problem fitting into any cup holder we come across.

I highly recommend these if you like to have water on the go! They also do an awesome job at keeping water cold for long periods of time, and are incredibly easy to clean.


There are of course many other different styles of Yeti drinkware that people may want to have, however these are not only the ones I have, but also the ones I feel most people will want to take with them on a drive.

Basically when it comes down to it, if you are looking to take a drink with you in your car, the smaller water bottles or the Tumblers will be your best bet.

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