Yeti Cups Don’t Rust [Well Maybe They Will]

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I am a huge fan of Yeti mugs, I have one of their Tumblers, a mug, and a water bottle that all have the Yeti logo on them. However taking care of them is one of the biggest questions many people have, and more specifically if Yeti mugs rust.

So, do Yeti mugs rust? As Yeti mugs are made from 18/8 stainless steel, you will find that they won’t rust under normal use, however if they make contact with certain fluids like chlorine, and other cleaners that include alcohol, ammonia and mineral spirits can cause it to rust.

Why don’t Yeti cups rust?

Stainless steel is used for many, many different purposes. Not only does Yeti use it in their drinkware because it is food safe, but you will also find it on your kitchen appliances and many other places in your home.

This is because stainless steel (more specifically 18/8 stainless steel) can handle a lot of abuse.

Yeti’s drink ware in particular needs to live up to its quality name, and is why you find this in use in this case.

Stainless steel works so well for this, because it has a semi-unique property where it forms a passive corrosion layer. GE was kind enough to talk a little about that in this article here!

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Why does Chlorine cause Yeti mugs to rust?

We just learned that the stainless steel that Yeti mugs are made from has a passive protective layer that keeps the mug from rusting.

However if products like chlorine, and other cleaners that include alcohol, ammonia and mineral spirits make contact with the steel, it can remove that layer, making it almost as susceptible to rust as any other metal.

If you want to keep your Yeti mug, tumbler, or bottle in the best condition possible, its best to keep it away from those materials!

Although, that doesn’t mean they aren’t dishwasher safe!

How to clean off rust if it does happen?

Unless it is extremely rusted and pitted, cleaning off surface rust can be just as easy as washing your dishes. Just use a bristle pad to remove that rust! If that doesn’t work, you can also create a mixture of baking soda and water which should remove that as well.

If you are starting to see pitting in your mug, it honestly might be time to move on to another one!


I have had Yeti mugs for years at this point, and have really enjoyed them! I have not run into any of their products rusting in my experience.

While it is possible for them to rust, it by no means is the standard in Yeti Drinkware ownership.

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