Yeti+ Is Yeti’s Newest Streaming Service, Streaming Streams

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It’s not often a drinkware and cooler company is known for some awesome video content.

However ever since they came out with their April Fools video about their new scooter called the Falcon (embedded below for your to watch, and you should watch it), I have been keeping an eye on Yeti’s videos.

Embedded Yeti Video from Youtube

Yesterday, I got one of my new favorites! In the wake of all of these stay-at-home orders, they have released a streaming service to beat all streaming services, by streaming streams.

Yes, that is right, there new Yeti+ service streams, streams.

Feeling a bit cooped up? Stream a stream.

Feeling like you need to get out? Stream a stream?

Confused yet? You probably should just visit Yeti’s website to see what I mean.

Once you have done that, make sure to buy one of their Yeti mugs, they are awesome.

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