All 9 Yeti’s With The MagSlider Lid (Plus the Stronghold)

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Do you have a Magslider lid? If not, then you’re missing out! Magsliders are the latest and greatest invention in drinkware technology. They make it easy to open your drinkware with just one hand, and they keep your drink hot and cold longer. But which Yeti drinkware uses Magslider lids? In this article, we will explore all of the different drinkware options that come with a Magslider lid. Stay tuned for more information!

You will find the MagSlider lids on the Rambler Tumblers, Rambler Lowballs, Rambler Stackable Mugs, Rambler Stackable Pints, and the Rambler Wine Tumblers. Many of these styles of Yeti drinkware also have multiple sizes that you can choose to work best for your situation.

With that said, let’s talk a little bit more about that, and see which size and type of Yeti is right for you.

1. Rambler Mug with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 14oz, 24oz

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Rambler mugs from Yeti. I have personally owned two of them, and only had two because I gave one away to someone that really liked it as well, and both have held up extremely well.

In fact, you will find this mug at the very top of my list of all-time favorite coffee mugs as well (read that article here).

That said, if you aren’t aware of these mugs, they keep coffee hot for long periods of time, are extremely high quality, and of course come with a Magslider lid. Much like the rest of Yeti’s drinkware, it has an insulated stainless steel structure, that allows for hours of hot (or cold) drinks.

I also very much like the capacity of my 14oz, as it allows for you to have a large cup of coffee, but you still can fit as much milk as you would prefer (or eggnog, depending on the time of year).

That said, these coffee mugs are not great for using in the car, as they won’t fit into cup holders! That is where the Rambler Tumblers come into play later in this article.

2. Rambler Stackable Mug with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 10oz

Now, if you wanted a Yeti Mug, but want one that is a bit smaller than the 14oz version we talked about earlier, this stackable 10oz version is the best one for you.

It maintains all of the same awesome features of the standard mugs, such as the stainless steel construction, and the Magslider lid, but has a smaller build, and is stackable! If you are someone that needs multiple coffee mugs like this, and need to store it in your cabinets at home, this could be big upside for you.

Regardless, I really like this mug! That said, I prefer the larger capacity of the mugs at the top of this list instead.

3. Rambler Lowball with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 10oz

Yeti is all about giving you choices, and having a smaller coffee mug (yes, they are great for coffee) that doesn’t have a handle is one of those choices. If you would prefer to not have a handle on your coffee mug (such as to fit it into cup holders easier), and like the smaller capacity of the stackable mug above, the Lowball is perfect for you.

This mug would also be awesome for keeping at the office, or for those people with less storage space (handles on coffee mugs take up a lot of space).

That said, this mug has all of the awesome (and overengineered) features every Yeti drinkware has, such as the insulated stainless steel, and the Magslider lid this article is all about.

4. Rambler Tumbler with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 10oz, 20oz, 30oz

Alright, now we are to my other favorite mug from Yeti! The Rambler Tumblers are a fantastic option for those on-the-go. Anytime I want to drink coffee while I drive, or go out on the town, this Tumbler (the 20oz version to be specific), I reach for this mug.

This Tumbler is extremely high quality, the Magslider Lid is great for being able to open it one-handed while driving, and it keeps your coffee hotter, for longer. If you want a good mug for outside of your home, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

You of course can choose from tons of different colors, and each of their different sizes have tons of colors each, so you can choose exactly what you want.

5. Rambler Stackable Pint with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 16oz

If you are looking for a great Yeti product that is meant for something other than coffee or other hot beverages, then the Stackable Pint might be for you.

Built for sitting around campfires, in the backyard around BBQ’s and of course to be stored away (being stackable) when not in use, this is an awesome product for everyday use.

You can easily fit up to 16oz of whatever beverage you are drinking at the moment into this Pint, and keep it cold for hours. It of course comes with the high quality Magslider lid discussed throughout this article.

6. Rambler Wine Tumbler with Magslider Lid

Sizes Available: 10oz

If you are ready to settle in at the campsite with some wine, you might be wanting to keep it cold. With the design you would expect from a campsite wine glass, this stainless steel, high quality Yeti is perfect for those moments where you want to slow down a bit.

The Magslider lid will keep your drink and the cold inside, and the heat of the summer day on the outside.

What is a Yeti Magslider lid?

Gone are the days of complicated travel mug lids, where you can never quite get them clean, and you have to throw the mug specific lid (and the mug with it) away because it just gets too gross.

The Magslider lid is an innovation in lid technology, as the slider stays on top of the mug via a magnetic plastic slider, and then another magnet on the lid itself keeps that slider in place.

These two components together allow the mug to be opened one-handed, and you can easily disassemble the lid to clean it in one easy motion. No joke, this lid completely changed how much I enjoy my travel mug (I use the Rambler Tumbler we talked about earlier in the article).

While the implementation of the Magslider lid is simple, it is extremely effective! While this lid is by no means leak proof (splashproof, yes), it does a great job in 99% of situations. If you need leak-proof, you should think about getting one of their travel mugs with the Stronghold slider.

Are Yeti Magslider Lids interchangeable?

Some Magslider lids are interchangeable between each other, however you unfortunately cannot just buy one lid, and have it fit on all of your different mugs. Here is a quick rundown of what lids fit what mugs.

Large (Buy Here)

  • Mug (14oz)
  • Cup (26oz)
  • Tumbler (30oz)
  • Straw Mug (35oz)

Medium (Buy Here)

  • Lowball, Rambler Mug (10oz & 24oz)
  • Pint (16oz)
  • Tumbler (20oz)
  • Straw Mug (25oz)

Small (Buy Here)

  • Rambler Tumbler (10oz)
  • Wine Tumbler (10oz)

Can you get a Yeti Replacement Lid?

If you are on the hunt for a replacement lid for your Yeti, you are in luck, as Yeti sells their lids separately! In fact, in the section about this one, we detail exactly what lid you are going to need for the specific Yeti drinkware you own at the moment.

This is perfect for those that might have lost or damaged their lid (you should first check if it might be covered under warranty), or for those that originally purchased one of their products with a lid other than a Magslider, but may want one now.

Yeti Stronghold lid vs Magslider lid

One of Yeti’s newest products is the Yeti Stronghold Lid, which is an upgraded version of the already famous Magslider lid. The Stronghold is a threaded lid for the 20oz and 30oz versions of the Travel Mug (you have to buy the Stronghold specific versions of the Travel Mugs).

It has extra components that allow the lid to be more air tight, and less likely to leak.

Stronghold Lid

  • Leak Resistant
  • Still easy to open and close the slider
  • Similar price to standard Magslider
  • Only available on specific travel mugs

Magslider Lid

  • Easier to clean than Stronghold
  • Easier to install, and remove from the Rambler
  • Less complicated design


Hands down, the Magslider lids on my Yeti’s are my favorite way to drink coffee on-the-go. Not only do they help keep my coffee hot when I need them to, they also offer some splash protection for when I am moving around a bit.

Each of the different products above have the Magslider lid, so I hope you are able to figure out which one works best for you, so you can make your beverage drinking that much better.

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