Axwell vs Ridge Wallet: I’ve Tested Both, This One Is Better

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If you are hunting for a minimalist wallet, you likely have seen the Ridge Wallet brand. With plenty of advertising dollars behind it, many people reviewing them (including myself), and more, it’s difficult to miss this product. However, many people need to be made aware that there are alternatives to the brand, including the Axwell Wallet.

I have had a chance to test both of these brands out, and I want to share my thoughts on comparing these two wallets and which I would choose for each category.

Why should you trust me? I have been reviewing products on this website since 2017! This article is a culmination of testing my Ridge Wallet and the Axwell Wallets side by side. I have noted what I do and don’t like about each brand to share those details with you! Read more about who I am (the founder of this site) here!

Please Note: The Axwell Wallets I reviewed for this article were sent out to me free of charge by the manufacturer to try out, however coverage was not guaranteed. All opinions are my own!

What is the Ridge Wallet?

  • Dimensions: 0.24" by 3.39" by 2.13"
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 12
  • Cash Organization: Strap or Money Clip
  • Coin Storage: No (accessory available)
  • Weight: 59 - 87 grams (depending on material)
  • Easy access to your most-used cards
  • It looks awesome
  • Extremely durable
  • You can't make it bloated.
  • Compact sizing
  • More difficult to access lesser-used cards
  • It could hold a bit more cash.
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What is the Axwell Wallet?

  • Dimensions: 0.31" by 3.39" by 2.13"
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Card Capacity: 1 to 12
  • Cash Organization: Strap & Clip Included
  • Coin Storage: No
  • Weight: 152 grams
  • Uses real plate of copper
  • No visible screws
  • Swappable face plates
  • Both cash strap and money clip included
  • Quite heavy
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

1. Usability – Axwell Wallet

While both the Axwell and the Ridge are essentially the same design, the ability to easily switch out the Ridge’s cash strap for a money clip and the ease of changing out plates make the Axwell the better choice for usability. That said, once you dial in your wallet usage, you will keep these things the same regularly. The use of both the Ridge Wallet and the Axwell are almost identical.

2. Dimensions – Ridge Wallet

These wallets have similar dimensions to a credit or debit card; however, the Axwell is slightly thicker due to the need to be slightly wider to make the wallet’s plates customizable.

Additional bulk can be a pain, especially when comparing closely related products, so the Ridge easily wins this round. That said, the size is negligible, and you likely would never feel the difference in your daily usage of either wallet.

3. Styling – Ridge Wallet

While Axwell does away with the screws on the face of the wallet by utilizing magnets instead, the Ridge does away with the bezel. I am not a massive fan of bezels, so Ridge’s cleaner design wins out in the styling department for me. The Axwell does have a more rounded and finished look at the edges, though, so if you like that style, the Axwell is going to be your better bet.

4. Customization – Axwell Wallet

While you technically could customize the Ridge Wallet (with a provided screwdriver), this is likely something that people will never do. On the other hand, it is entirely customizable with removable plates, and the Axwell comes with both the money clip and cash strap. Axwell wins this one, hands-down.

5. Build-Quality – Ridge Wallet

If you opt for a base-model Axwell Wallet to compare, a Ridge Wallet’s aluminum wallet will have better build quality. It does feel slightly better, and its slimmer profile gives it an upscale feel. 

However, if you opt for the Stonewashed Copper version of the Axwell compared to a higher-end Ridge, in that case, the Axwell does have a higher-quality material with its thicker copper plates, just at a sacrifice of being almost double the weight.

6. Name Recognition & Bragging Rights- Ridge Wallet

I don’t know about you, but I like discussing my gear with friends and family. Axwell is still a small brand in the minimalist wallet category, while Ridge holds a much more well-known brand name. If you show your Ridge off to a friend, they likely will know what you are talking about, which wouldn’t be valid with Axwell.

7. Warranty & Return Policy – Ridge Wallet

Axwell Wallet offers a 50-day return policy, and Ridge provides a 99-day return policy. The easy win here would be Ridge Wallet, with almost double the amount of days.

Both brands require the product to either be unused (in Ridge’s case) or like-new quality (in the case of Axwell). Unfortunately, this is a big drawback from both brands, as it is doubtful that you will know if either of these wallets is right for you until you have it in your pocket, with your cards and cash inside.

8. Value – Axwell Wallet

Ultimately, the Ridge and the Axwell are very similar products, so it will come down to which one is less expensive for many. Axwell’s entry point is at $90 (with sales going regularly), and the entry point of Ridge’s wallets is $95 (with sales going regularly). While $5 doesn’t sound like much, it does make the Axwell a better deal, just on price alone.

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Final Thoughts

Now that I have had a chance to review both wallets side by side, I would purchase a Ridge Wallet. While I appreciate the Axwell brand and the enhancements they have made to the 2-plates and an elastic band style of wallets, the Ridge is the one that feels a bit higher quality and has the more significant brand name backing it.

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