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Top 9 Best Quality Under-Bed Gun Safes in 2023

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You might want an under-bed gun safe; however, finding the right one is tricky. With 100s of brands building subpar products, it’s hard to know which is a good product. This article aims to make your shopping easy by laying out the best of the best brands you can trust and have a name in the industry.

Why should you trust me? I have years of experience in the gun safe industry, including helping people on this site and in a retail environment. The hands-on experience has helped me determine exactly what makes an excellent gun safe. I have talked directly with founders, CEOs, and more about each of their products to see which ones stand up to what they claim. I don’t just choose the first products I see (like many others do), but I have extensive knowledge that I pull from every time I write an article.

That said, here are THE BEST Under-Bed Gun Safes on the market today!

Our Choice

1. SecureIt Fast Box Model 47

  • Lock: Electronic Lock w/ Key Bypass
  • Dimensions: 6.75" High by 47.25" Wide by 13" Deep
  • Steel: 16-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Great value for the price
  • Modular CradleGrid interior
  • Can be placed upright, or horizontally
  • Easy to use lock
  • Smaller capacity
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The Fast Box lineup from SecureIt is hands down one of my favorite lines of safes on the market. It does a great job of blending quality and features with a budget in mind. The Fast Box Model 47 is also one of SecureIt’s more versatile safes. It can be placed upright (like a standard safe, with an additional accessory), or you can put it horizontally, making it an excellent under-bed safe.

The locking mechanism is reliable and easy to use without looking at it, and the door drops down for quick access to the contents. While the steel may only be 16-gauge, it can be bolted to the floor (so it can’t be carried away), which makes it a bit more portable. The interior is also one of the most versatile on the market, as you can add bins, pistol pegs, and more in its vertical arrangement.

Best Under-Bed Runner Up

2. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe (Large)

  • Lock: Electronic Lock w/ Key Backup
  • Dimensions: 6" High by 40" Wide by 22" Deep
  • Steel: 14-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Fits well underneath of a bed
  • Large capacity for not being a full size safe
  • Higher quality
  • Hidden from sight
  • Not a great option if your bed isn't off the floor
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While having a safe that has an easy-to-use lock is essential, having the interior easily accessible is as well. This drawer-style under-bed safe from SnapSafe is an excellent option. I have been recommending these safes for years, as you can not only use them as an under-bed safe, but they also make fantastic vehicle safes

With this safe, you quickly use the reliable locking mechanism, and then its large interior slides out in front of you. This means you can easily choose from the interior without reaching into a safe and blindly choosing. These safes also feature 14 gauge steel, one of the best gauge steel options with an under-bed safe (unless it’s a Fort Knox).

RFID Accessable

3. Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Gun Locker XL

  • Lock: Electronic, RFID, Backup Key
  • Dimensions: 10” High by 42" Wide by 15.25" Deep
  • Steel: 14 gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Multiple access options
  • Spring loaded door
  • Fits two long guns
  • No anchor points (cable only)
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This safe offers something no other safe on this list has, RFID. RFID stands for “Radio-Frequency IDentification,” which means you can open this safe by utilizing items placed nearby the locking mechanism rather than using a keypad, key, or biometrics to gain access. In this case, you can get into this under-bed safe via watchbands, key fobs, and decals that can be placed on whatever you want.

That said, you can always get into the safe via more normal electronic locks or keys (whichever you prefer) as a backup.

While the way you get into the safe is its stand-out feature, it also has a respectable 14-gauge steel build. Foam inserts allow you to stack rifles on top of each other (without damaging them), making this a higher capacity option over many others on this list that utilize a door (rather than a drawer).

Best for Shotguns

4. Fort Knox Shotgun Box PB6

  • Lock: Simplex Lock
  • Dimensions: 5” High by 9" Wide by 45" Deep
  • Steel: 10 gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Extremely thick steel
  • Great build quality
  • Keypad-style mechanical lock
  • Limited capacity
  • Only shorter firearms fit
  • Expensive
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As a quick warning, this will be the first of many Fort Knox products on this list! The mixture of a reliable Simplex locking mechanism, 10-gauge steel, and one of the best warranties in the business is difficult to ignore in the gun safe market.

The PB6 is also a unique gun safe with a small door at the end of a rectangular tube. This means you slide your firearm (rather than put it) into the tube and then access the safe via the small door and the mechanical Simplex lock. While this may be the only thing you put in the safe, it is perfect for being placed under your bed without taking up much room.

Best Alternative to the Best

5. SecureIt Fast Box Model 40

  • Lock: Electronic lock
  • Dimensions: 6.5" High by 40" Wide by 13” Deep
  • Steel: 16-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 33
  • Compact size, allows for keeping under your bed
  • High quality build, at a great price
  • Extremely usable
  • Won't fit longer firearms
  • Thinner steel gauge
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Sometimes you are on a budget or need something shorter than the Fast Box Model 47 we discussed at the top of this article. If that sounds like you, the Model 40 will be your best bet. It maintains all the same features, steel gauge, etc., but is built to be precisely 7″ shorter than its big brother.

That said, it does also lose the capability to be used vertically. So, this one truly is an under-bed safe and is less versatile than the other version. It is backed by one of my favorite companies and still has rapid access with a high-quality lock.

Best Aesthetics

6. SnapSafe GlideVault

  • Lock: Electronic, Backup key, or micro-USB port
  • Dimensions: 4.4” High by 15.9" Wide by 12.2" Deep
  • Steel: 16 gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 24.1 pounds
  • Finally, another great looking safe
  • Slides out for easy access to contents
  • Glass face
  • Not a fan of capacitive buttons for quick access
  • Only 16 gauge steel
See Price: SnapSafe GlideVault
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. [Image courtesy of SnapSafe]

SnapSafe regularly releases new products, and this GlideVault is one of their latest! It is generally meant as a bedside style of safe (as it is meant to emulate an alarm clock); however, its drawer-style design also lends it to be a great under-bed safe. While I am not a massive fan of the capacitive style buttons (more challenging to use without looking), it looks fantastic and highly functional.

This is one of the few safes on the market that looks good (Konig 1.0 excluded), and its capacity lends well to handguns (not long guns). Its 16-gauge steel is a reasonable gauge for this part of the gun safe market but isn’t anything to write home about.

Best Compact and High-Security

7. Fort Knox PB4 Auto

  • Lock: Simplex Lock
  • Dimensions: 3.75” High by 7.75" Wide by 4.75" Deep
  • Steel: 10-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Extremely thick steel
  • Great locking mechanism
  • Compact sizing
  • Front opening door
  • Anchor points available for bolting down
  • Quite heavy for its size
See Price: Fort Knox PB4
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If you are looking for a compact yet high-security gun safe under your bed, this PB4 is where you should stop reading and buy. It utilizes Fort Knox’s hallmark 10-gauge steel and Simplex lock (like the PB6 we discussed earlier) but shortens the whole unit by about 40″ to make it a tremendous under-bed safe for handguns.

I can’t say enough about how well-rounded these safes are, as their locking mechanisms give the ease of access of an electronic lock but do away with the significant downside, batteries. Their thick gauge steel makes them a formidable safe, and Fort Knox’s warranty is one of the industry’s best (and quality).

Largest Capacity

8. Fort Knox CAB24 Controlled Access Box

  • Lock: Simplex Lock
  • Dimensions: 8” High by 24" Wide by 16" Deep
  • Steel: 10-gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • High gauge steel
  • Fantastic warranty
  • Simplex locking mechanism
  • A bit tall for shorter beds (if used as an under-bed safe)
See Price: Fort Knox CAB24
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You may be tired of seeing Fort Knox’s name on this list; however, you’ll want to take a quick look at this one. This controlled access box from Fort Knox is a fantastic option if you have a bed taller than 8″ off the floor. 

Retaining the 10-gauge steel and Simplex lock from the Fort Knox products mentioned earlier in this article, this is their most giant pistol safe.

This controlled access box is generally meant to go inside larger gun safes but works independently. This is one of their standard pistol safes, but it maxes its size out. This means a much higher capacity, a front-facing door, and plenty of room inside for storage.

Best Electronic Lock

9. Amsec UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe

  • Lock: Electronic Lock
  • Dimensions: 6” High by 48" Wide by 14.63" Deep
  • Steel: 18 gauge
  • Fire Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • High-quality electronic lock
  • Drawer-style safe
  • Backed by quality brand
  • Thinner steel gauge
See Price: Amsec UBS648
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Other than a full-size gun, most safes feature an off-brand electronic lock. However, Amsec went a different direction with this under-bed safe and instead utilized a name-brand (and high-quality) ESL5LP lock on this safe.

These are one of the best electronic locks on the market (conveniently made by American Security). If you want an electronic lock but are worried about reliability, this is the under-bed safe.

This safe also features a drawer-like design for easy access, a vast interior (for longer firearms), and a mixture of 7-gauge and 18-gauge steel. I have yet to figure out precisely what components feature each; however, I assume the 18 gauge is for the internal drawer, and the seven gauge steel is for the exterior housing.

What should you look for in an under-bed safe?

You don’t have to have an under-bed-specific safe; in fact, many of the safes on this list are not built specifically for use under your bed but do have features that allow them to be quite effective as one. Let’s review the features you should be looking at to see if the safe you are looking at will work for you.

1. Front Facing or Drawer-Style Door

Many pistol safes on the market today are top openings. However, if these are used underneath your bed, you won’t be able to access the locking mechanism; worse yet, the door itself won’t be able to open. 

That is why safes like the Fort Knox PB4 we discussed in this article may not be under-bed specific but work well as one regardless.

2. It Fits Underneath Your Bed

Before you make any under-bed gun safe purchase, take measurements of your bed. You will want to measure from the floor to the lowest point of your bed, to be double sure that nothing will keep you safe from being able to slide under your bed. Then (once purchased), bolt the safe to the floor to ensure no one can remove it (except for you).

3. High-Quality Locking Mechanism

The bane of my existence is low-quality locks. Just buy one with a good lock. 

Many of the non-name-brand gun safes on the market take advantage of a buyer’s lack of knowledge on what is good and a not-so-good brand of gun safe, and then they put a low-quality lock, leaving you high-and-dry when you can’t get into your safe when the lock has failed. 

This article exists because I have done the homework (and gained years of experience) to put together what we have here.

4. Quick Access Lock

Most under-bed gun safes are meant to be opened quickly, so consider that when buying your safe. You will want to decide for yourself what risks you want to take. 

Simplex Locks are my favorite locks; however, they take longer to access than an RFID lock. However, RFID locks have a higher failure rate, which could be better. Here is a quick list of my favorite lock styles for under-bed safes.

  1. Simplex Lock
  2. Keypad (electronic lock)
  3. RFID
  4. Key lock

Frequently Asked Questions


This article has taken years of knowledge and hours of writing. I hope that it helped you on your journey to finding the right under-bed safe for your needs! 

If in doubt, I recommend one of the SecureIt safes at the top of this list or a Fort Knox. They are both on the far ends of the under-bed safe spectrum but are great options.

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