Gear That Men Like

Growing up with my Dad was a lot of fun, he always enjoys getting to do outdoors, and always enjoy vehicles and gadgets, and I always got to go along with the things he enjoyed!

The story of A Man And His Gear

As a kid

I remember times of getting to go 4-wheeling in our 1972 Toyota FJ Cruiser up in the mountains, driving through mud puddles that would come showering down on us from above because we didn’t have a roof or doors.

I remember getting to build my first Pine Wood derby car. We built it up as a model A (of which later on in my teens we actually tried building a 4×4 model A) and we got to race that together.

I remember taking road trips across the USA (okay, so we only really did road trips when we were moving… but hey its a trip) and getting to see most of our great country from the window of our car.

I remember spending hours playing guitar, teaching myself how to play. Hurting my fingers until I couldn’t play anymore. I got my first guitar (a First Act) from Walmart, and played that thing like crazy. I later ended up with a Lyle guitar, and the 1962 Gibson B25 that my Mewma passed down from me.

I say all of this because from an early age, I have gotten to have gear. Gear that men over all enjoy. Gear that helped me shape memories.

Today, I have some really exciting gear that I want to be able to tell the world about, and this is where I get to do this. You’ll also get to hear fun stories about my life a long the way!

There are a couple categories that I specifically enjoy lately


I believe that security is super important for any household. It is important to keep your information safe, and your firearms even safer.

Because of that, I write heavily about gun safes, and what they have to offer.

I also am not a huge fan of believing you have to spend a crazy amount of money, I personally believe that you do need to know what you are buying, so you don’t put more trust in your security than you should. If you are buying a cheap gun safe, don’t expect an impenetrable fortress.


As mentioned above, vehicles were a big part of my childhood, and have continued to be something that I highly enjoy.

As a kid, I could name pretty much any car on the road just from the headlights at night. Of course nowadays with the new DRLs, that has become much easier, but back then it took some research.

I may have grown up a Ford guy, but I enjoy all different makes out there. It pains me to say it… but Kia and Hyundai are doing awesome lately.


My third main portion of this site tends to be about Coffee. I really enjoy coffee, and more recently have gotten more into the enjoyment of making it with different types of coffee makers, and specialty coffees.

As I continue to learn more about this, I’m excited to share on this site along the journey.


There of course are so many other things out there that I will be discussing and learning along with you guys. Things like Legos, robot vacuums and even tooth brushes.

Make sure to visit the site every once in a while to see what new things I’m talking about!