Should an E-Bike Battery Be Turned On When Charging? 

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Your e-bike’s battery is running low, so recharge it before your next ride. You have to be careful because the battery is your e-bike’s most expensive component and makes up 50% of its price. Since you want to look after your e-bike battery properly, should you turn it on when charging it? 

You shouldn’t leave an e-bike battery turned on when charging it. Turning the battery off will enable it to charge faster while preventing strain from being placed on the battery. This, in turn, will extend your e-bike’s battery life. 

In this article, I’ll explore why it is essential to charge an e-bike battery when it’s switched off. I’ll also feature some tips on charging your e-bike properly and safely.

How To Properly Charge an E-Bike 

When charging your e-bike, there are some essential guidelines to keep it in good condition and prevent causing unnecessary damage to its components, such as its battery. With this in mind, here’s how to properly charge an e-bike. 

1. Turn Off Your E-Bike Before Charging It

Earlier, I mentioned that switching off the e-bike’s battery is vital to do before you charge it because it prevents it from working hard while being charged. You should also switch off your e-bike motor before a charge so that the draining and recharging of the battery doesn’t cause damage to it. 

2. Charge Your E-Bike Battery on or off the Bike 

Some people like to charge their e-bike battery when it’s attached to the bike, while others prefer to take the battery indoors to give it a charge. Either option is acceptable, as long as you’re careful about the climate conditions in which you’re charging the e-bike battery. 

E-bike batteries can handle various temperatures but are more sensitive to damage from very hot or cold temperatures when charging. Make sure that you charge your battery in an area that’s warmer than 40°F (4.4°C) but not hotter than 90°F (32.2°C) 

3. Charge Your E-Bike Battery to Around 20-80% 

Although you might want to charge your e-bike’s battery to 100%, it lasts a shorter time. It will last longer if you keep it at around 20-80% charged. 

E-bike batteries are made of lithium-ion and therefore degrade over time. The more they remain charged to a higher voltage, the more they will experience wear and tear. This is why it’s recommended that you ride your e-bike often and charge it a lot. 

4. Charge Your E-Bike Before (Not After) Rides 

You should always charge your e-bike before you’re about to ride it. This ensures that you’ll have enough battery life for your ride. But when you charge your battery will depend on whether or not you need to use your e-bike the next day. If your e-bike battery has fallen below 40% after use, you could charge it to 70% or 80%, especially if you will use it the following day. 

If your e-bike battery is less than 20%, recharge it. By partially discharging and charging the e-bike battery, you’ll extend the life of your battery. If you let the charge drain completely, your battery may not restart, primarily if it hasn’t been used for several months. 

5. Avoid Overcharging Your E-Bike Battery

Be wary of overcharging your e-bike battery. When you do this, you decrease the charge life cycle of your battery. When the e-bike battery has been charged to 100%, it automatically stops charging, and its percentage will decrease. Once it’s lower than 95% charged, it will start charging again.

So, if you keep charging it to make it reach total capacity, this will decrease its charging cycle. Make sure to pay attention to some important factors that can cause you to overcharge your e-bike battery, which include: 

  • Using a charger that has a different voltage rating
  • Leaving the battery plugged into a charging port for too long
  • Using a battery charger that’s designed for another e-bike

6. Fully Charge the Battery Every Few Weeks 

Once every few weeks, it’s a good idea to charge your e-bike battery fully so that you balance its cells. This will enhance its capacity and prevent it from becoming weak. 

However, always check your e-bike user manual, as different e-bikes will have additional instructions for how you should charge their batteries. 

How To Charge Your New E-Bike Battery

If you’ve purchased a new battery for your e-bike, you must ensure you charge it for about 12 hours. This long charge is necessary because it puts the battery in good condition by providing enough current flow through its cells. This is essential for it to work correctly.

As you need to charge a new e-bike battery for 12 hours, you might wonder if you can safely charge it overnight. You can do this because all popular e-bike brands use sophisticated batteries with a “Battery Management System,” which prevents the batteries from being overcharged. 

If you aren’t using your e-bike battery for a few weeks, you should store it less than fully charged. Aim for keeping it between 40% and 80%, as keeping it fully charged is terrible for its longevity. You should only fully charge your battery when you’re using it.

Final Thoughts 

Before charging your e-bike battery, you should follow some crucial tips to prevent damage while ensuring it can have a longer lifespan. Some advice to follow includes: 

  • Not charging your e-bike battery at extremely hot or cold temperatures. 
  •  Switching off your e-bike motor before charging the battery. 
  •  Not keeping it at a 100% charge. 
  •  Giving it a full charge every few weeks.