3 Reasons For Chain Wallets (2 Major Downsides)

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A lesser-seen wallet nowadays is the biker wallet, also known as a chain wallet. Which essentially is a standard wallet and, more commonly, a long wallet with a loop in the corner with a chain that attaches to a belt loop on your pants. While these initiatives were meant to be a security measure, they quickly became a styling choice.

1. You won’t lose your wallet.

The initial concept of a wallet with a chain on it was for bikers. Since motorcyclists are riding out in the open, there aren’t floorboards to catch any gear that might fall out of your pockets. Because wallets carry your identifications, money, and other essential items, they figured it would be best to chain their wallets to something to keep from losing them on the road behind them, never to be seen again.

While this is an extremely niche issue, chaining your wallet to yourself can also help other people from losing their wallets and is a relatively simple and impressive way to fix this common issue (or you could get an airtag wallet instead).

2. Security of your wallet

Keeping your wallet from being stolen, not just lost, is an essential aspect of a chained-down wallet. While it may be bulky, it does a great job of ensuring that your wallet can’t easily be stolen out of your back pocket, as it is chained to your body and would require an additional step to remove it.

3. Styling choices

After chains on wallets became the standard for bikers, the image of the chain wallet spread to become a styling choice. People hoping to give off a specific appearance quickly chose to add chains to their wallets.

What are the downsides to a chain wallet?

1. Additional Weight

The major downside to a chain on your wallet is additional weight. While most people nowadays are trying to minimize the bulk in their pockets, chains add considerable weight and size to your wallet.

2. Gets caught on things

Chains have a terrible habit of getting caught on things. You might get caught on stuff whenever you sit and stand up—looking to walk by a door knob? You might get caught on that. Having a chained wallet is a choice, where you need to be aware of your surroundings so you don’t get caught on everything you walk by.