The 2 Reasons Wallets Have Holes in The Bottom

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While I prefer a good minimalist wallet, there is still a place for a high-quality bifold and trifold wallet. However, one confusing feature is that little hole at the bottom of the crease where the wallet folds. Why does that exist, and what does it do?

1. Remove a high-stress point.

It’s common knowledge that most things, even leather wallets, will crack and break after they are bent enough times. The hole in the bottom of your wallet allows for that high-stress point (where the leather bends the most) to not allow for a stress point that is bent regularly.

2. Allow for different leather amounts.

If you have ever bent multiple pieces of paper together, you will notice that the outside page always appears shorter than the inside piece after being bent. This is because it requires more surface area due to wrapping around the inner papers.

The same concept is valid for wallets, as the bent leather requires the outer leather layer to be a longer piece of leather than the inner leather pieces. The easiest and best way to reconcile these two leather lengths is by leaving a hole at the bottom of the crease so that the leather doesn’t bend over each other.

What would happen if the hole didn’t exist?

If a hole is not present at the bottom of your wallet, once you fill the wallet with cards and cash, you will quickly find that the wallet will have a hard time closing. You also would notice premature wear on the wallet, which would only last briefly.