Phone Wallet Cases: Are they really worth it?

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Wallet phone cases have existed since the beginning of time (at least since the original iPhone was released). These cases combine a phone case’s protection with a wallet’s usability in storing cards and cash. But are they worth it? That is what we are going to be talking about in this article.

So why should you trust me? I have worked in the cell phone industry for quite a few years and have been reviewing wallets on this website for quite some time. Having used many phone wallet cases in my time, I have the experience to show if they are worth it.

What is a wallet phone case?

Wallet phone cases are phone cases that have a wallet built into them. The most popular type is a leather-wrapped phone case with a flap that wraps around and over your phone’s screen. This flap generally has 3 to 5 card slots built into it and a slot near the crease of the phone and case where you can put cash.

Why would you want a phone wallet case?

1. Fewer items to carry

The primary reason I always enjoyed having a wallet phone case is the consolidation of different pieces of gear into one. While most people currently have a wallet in their back pocket and a phone in their front pocket, this type of case will allow you to combine both and keep them in your front pocket. This means you must reach for one less piece of gear, making your mornings much more effortless.

2. Get your wallet out of your back pocket.

While there are great minimalist wallets that can achieve getting your wallet out of your back pocket (which hurts my back), you could always opt for a phone wallet instead. 

3. You can spend less money.

Buying a wallet and also buying a case can be expensive. Combining the two means you don’t have to have a budget for both options!

Additional impact protection to the screen

Impact protection for your screen is one of my favorite wallet case features. These cases cover your screen entirely, so the dreaded face-down phone drop isn’t an issue.

What are the downsides to a phone wallet case?

1. Cards can scratch your screen.

Most phone wallet cases attach to the rear of your phone, and then a wallet flap goes over the top of your screen. While this does give additional impact protection when you drop your phone face down, it does also cause scratches on the screen of your phone. With continuous pressure downwards (due to being in your pocket), the cards constantly pushing onto your screen will cause scratches (especially with embossed cards). The best way to fix this is by getting a high-quality screen protector instead. I like these right here.

2. Losing your wallet means losing your phone.

Have you ever lost your phone? Have you ever lost your wallet? When you own a case like this, you end up losing both at the same time. The best way to resolve this is to purchase something like this Ekster Tracker Card, that way; you can find your wallet and phone easily if that happens.

3. It makes your phone bulkier.

Phone wallet cases are bulky; there isn’t any way around that. These cases are generally made of leather and have to have a case built into them, adding additional bulk. If you want to reduce the bulk in your pockets, look at a better solution.

4. More difficult to access your phone

If you need easy access to your phone immediately, consider looking elsewhere. Removing and folding the flap backward behind the phone adds extra steps to look at your phone’s screen.

Are these wallet cases worth it?

While there are plenty of great features for a phone and wallet combination, purchasing each on its own is the better solution. When you combine two products into one, you generally will run into compromise.

In the case of a phone and wallet case, the additional bulk to your phone and the ability to completely lose both items in one go has left me buying two separate pieces of gear instead.