5 Things You Didn’t Know About KeySmart

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I have been using a KeySmart for quite a long time, actually longer than this site has existed! I have always been really impressed with the quality of the product, and usability that has made having keys so much easier!

Recently, I started a series of articles about 5 things you may not know about a company, and KeySmart was kind enough to work with me on some things that you may not know about them!

Let’s dig right in!

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

1. KeySmart and KickStarter

KeySmart was originally funded through a Kickstarter that raised over $330,000 without any advertising spend.  It was one of the original viral Kickstarter campaigns.

Kickstarter has been around for a while, and it’s awesome to see a lot of these companies succeed that came from the platform.

I assume most people do know about Kickstarter, but if you don’t, it is basically where a fledgling company can post their ideas and prototype, and people are able to help fund it in return for the first products off the line, or some other benefit.

KeySmart being able to bring in $330,000 is a big deal, especially since their initial goal was only $6,000. This resulted in 8,900 people backing this really cool concept!

2. Massive Growth

Our founder Michael Tunney made the original prototype himself for less then $100. He also shot our original marketing video.  Since then KeySmart has sold over $75 million worth of products. Making his return on investment one of the greatest wealth generation stories ever! 

Yep, that is a 74999900% increase over the initial investment of $100. This is such a cool story. I’m sure there were so many ups and downs during the growth here, but it is a testament to if you just keep at it, you too can have a business like this.

I will also mention, things really kicked it into gear with the Kickstarter campaign, and that was in 2013. This kind of growth is great for a company that physically ships hardware.

3. New products and partnerships

Starting in 2020 KeySmart started teaming up with cool brands to create special edition versions of their products!

Partnering with some awesome companies is always a great idea, and also makes people enjoy a product that much more!

I don’t know about you, but I would like a Lamborguini KeySmart or maybe a Yeti KeySmart, but that’s just me! 

4. Never stop innovating

KeySmart is now much more than a Key Organizer… we have wallets, backpacks, briefcases, flashlights, and more.

[Image courtesy of KeySmart]

I really quickly went through their site, and from what I can see they have 4 versions of the Keysmart (Plus Special Edition versions) a Commuter Bag, a Briefcase, passport wallet, bi-fold wallet, slim wallet, 2 different knives, 2 torches, tons of accessories for the KeySmarts.

So many companies out there are based off of a single product, and that is all. However KeySmart continues to innovate and bring out new products that really revolve around being great for your everyday carry items.

5. Employing the best

KeySmart is based in Chicago and we have over 20 full time employees

To think, back in 2013, barely anyone was working for KeySmart, now around 7 years later 20 employees work full time for KeySmart. That is 20 jobs that wouldn’t have existed had Michael not taken that $100 to create the first KeySmart.

I don’t know about you, but that is the American Dream to me.


I am so excited to get to work with KeySmart on this article, they have a really cool story and some awesome things to know about them.

Having 20 employees, and a viral KickStarter and more are such huge feats that many companies out there can’t boast.
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