EveryMan’s Grafton Pencil Is The Only Pencil You Need [A Review]

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Grafton Mechanical Pencil

A high quality, medium priced mechanical pencil that follows up on the wildly popular Grafton Pen. Carrying over its great design, it aims to be a great EDC pencil.
Ease of use


This is a high quality, every day carry pencil that I use on a daily basis. It is definitely worth the price, and is worth a a try!


So you are sick and tired of that cheap mechanical pencil, or even that normal wooden pencil, and are looking for something to replace it, the Grafton Pencil is probably right in line with what you should consider it.

When Everyman offered to send me one free of charge to review, I had to take them up on it (of course my stories, and opinions are my own).

If you know me very well, I am one of those types of people that doesn’t want the cheapest thing around, but I also don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money.

In that thought process, I always tend to go with the middle priced item, and in the world of pencils, this Grafton Pencil fits exactly in that margin, and I like it!

Writing on notepad
I use the Grafton Pencil to plan out my week

I have spent a good month and a half using the Grafton Pencil as my daily driver, and am finally almost to the end of my first eraser (it comes with four), so I thought it was time to put my thoughts together into this article.

My goal is to use something long enough where I feel I understand everything about it, before reviewing, instead of just giving my first impressions and being done.

Before we get started, make sure to watch the below video to get an idea of what Everyman has to say about their pencil, then read on for my thoughts.


The first thing that hits you when you pick up this mechanical pencil is the quality of build. When you are used to those cheaper neon colored pencils, this has such a stark contrast and it just feels awesome.

Everything is so well put together, including the etched out grip, the pocket clip, and the tip where the lead comes out.

full image of grafton pencil
The pencil really does look great

I should also mention that I have dropped this thing, and used it quite a lot, and I can’t find any scratches in the black paint anywhere on the unit right now.

One thing I should mention here, is the tip of the pencil. The tip looks like a ball point pen tip, instead of a normal long skinny tip that most pencils opt for.

This means it is less likely to break off, or bend, which is perfect for an everyday carry pencil.

This pencil also goes great with one of my other favorite quality items that is on my desk, the ForeverSpin top.

Mechanical operation

Have you ever had one of those mechanical pencils where no matter how many times you try to get that lead to come out, you just never quite can… then you finally do, and you press it once more to find it just sucks it right back into the pencil.

Well, this isn’t that pencil! The mechanical operation works flawlessly. You can always count on it releasing the lead and getting your writing right away.

I will say, I wish the lead came out in a bit smaller increments, as with the smaller .5 led, it tends to break off when it is farther out of the pencil, and it would be great to only have just a little led come out instead.


Close up image of grip on pencil
Here is the grip on the pencil

I have a so-so opinion on the grip, I’ll be completely honest. The grip on this pencil looks awesome, and I really like the design. It is simple and well done.

However I think it needs to be more grippy. I run into where I drop the pencil when I am shifting the pencil around in my hand, or if I am turning it around to erase things, because the grip is just a little too slippery, and the pencil’s weight tends to work against itself in this specific case.

It could be that they just need to widen the lines ever so slightly in the grip to give it… just a little more grip.


My unit came with the standard .5 lead, however they also have an adapter so that you can use .7 led in it as well! This is a very cool ability to have, and if I were to do it again, I would probably opt for that larger lead size.

This obviously is nothing against Everyman’s Grafton Pencil because lead is lead, but the .5 lead constantly breaks on my when I am using it.

Moral of the story, just opt to upgrade the pencil, and you’ll be just fine! Or if you are already used to the smaller .5 lead, then you are out of the woods already.


The weight of this pencil goes hand-in-hand with the quality of this pencil, and boy does it feel great!

It isn’t too heavy, but it definitely isn’t too light, it strikes this perfect balance to make sure you are aware you own something special whenever you write.

I have had pencils in this price range in the past, but this one is my favorite by far.

Size of pencil

Size comparison of pencil
You can see the size difference between two pencils in this picture

Along with the heft of this pencil, it also has a significant size. It is just as long as you would expect a mechanical pencil to be, but it is definitely wider.

Once you get used to the size though, I much prefer it.

My Sudoku doesn’t finish itself people! (I’m not kidding, that is what I primarily use this for)

What I really like

My overall favorite thing about the Grafton Pencil has to be the quality. I am a huge fan of anything that gives a great price for something I know can last a lifetime, and this definitely fits into that criteria.

What I don’t like so much

I have already mentioned it, but I do wish the grip on the pencil was a little more pronounced. I did find myself dropping the pencil when I didn’t feel like I should be.

Who is this pencil for?

I fit perfectly into the demographic of the person this pencil is for. These pencils are for those that want something better than what Walmart or Target has to offer, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for it.

While I don’t personally take pencils with me, this would also be perfect for those that do. People who need to take a pencil to work sites, business trips, on flights, road trips, etc. It won’t let you down.

Where can you buy the pencil?

Pencil with packaging
This is the packaging you will get with the pencil

The easiest place to buy your own Grafton Pencil is through Everyman’s website. You can find the Pencil here.

Frequently asked questions

Where are Grafton pencils made?

The Grafton Pencil is designed in the USA, more specifically Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However the pencil is built in China and imported to America.

Is there a Grafton Pen?

The Grafton Pencil actual was a result of the success of the Grafton Pen, so yes! They definitely do have a pen, and you can find it here.

What is the Grafton pen and pencil warranty?

Like every good quality, Everyman backs up their pencils and pens (and everything else) with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

What else does Everyman sell?

Here you thought that Everyman only sells pencils and pens eh? Well they sell a ton of other extremely cool every day carry centric products.

One of my other favorite things is their Hideout Bag that you can find here.


If you are on the hunt for a great mechanical pencil to pull yourself out of the mediocre plastic pencils of yesterday, the Grafton Pencil is a great option to have.

It offers you anything you could want out of a pencil, without spending hundreds of dollars for what people say you really need.

I have enjoyed my experience with the pencil, and have no intentions of replacing it any time soon.

Go Buy Your’s Now From Everyman

This pencil is an awesome option to those every day mechanical pencils that you are keeping on your desk.