ForeverSpin Tops are not your average spinning top

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  • There are 18 different ForeverSpin tops. Ranging from Titanium, 24kt gold finish, or copper.
  • The tops are great for passing time, fidgeting, or for helping you focus on the task at hand.
  • Every top is built to be exactly the same size and proportions, so that you are able to compare the different feels that each metal gives.
Main image for ForeverSpin
[Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]

Update: I actually got a chance to review a ForeverSpin myself! You can read the review here.

In my search for some of the coolest gear out there, I found ForeverSpin tops.

At it’s basic level it is the same thing you are used to from a kid, at the higher level, it is a sophisticated piece of gear any guy would want.

There is quite a difference between the ForeverSpin tops, and the tops you had as a kid.

So what is so great about ForeverSpin? Let’s dig in.

What are these tops for?

The goal of these tops is to see how long you can spin the top for. You get to sit down at work with some coffee, and have a blast seeing how long they will spin.

Buying different metal versions will allow you to see the difference between all of them, and gives you a different experience with each one.

It really is all about the experience, kinda like reading a good book. And for those that work on computers all day, a welcome distraction that doesn’t require a screen.

The difference between the old tops, and these ones

The first main difference you will notice is the price. The cheapest one is $38 on Forever Spin’s website, and can get up to $885 for one of their sets. With that out of the way, let me show you why they are oh so worth it.

Very nice ForeverSpin packaging
The Black Zirconium looks especially cool [Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]

Fidget spinner alternative

With the rise of the fidget style devices, the Forever Spin is a classy and durable alternative.

Spinning Tops have been around for ages, and they aren’t going away any time soon if Forever Spin has anything to say about it.

Gold top on silver base
You can mix and match the top and base to your liking [Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]

Exudes Quality

These things are crazy nice. With metals ranging from Aluminum all the way up to Tungsten, and gold you won’t find any plastic or breakable material.

These things are meant to be passed down to your children’s children (and further).

Cool looking spinning top
[Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]

Lifetime Warranty

Every ForeverSpin top is backed by a lifetime warranty.

While there aren’t really any moving parts to the top, and they get better with age, it still is great to know you’ll never have to it again because it broke.

ForeverSping Tops Accessories

ForeverSpin Tops can be purchased individually, however you can buy accessories for them.

The first accessory is a base. The base allows it a great place to spin, and it will spin the longest on this surface.

Foreverspin Base
[Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]

The second main accessory is the dock and is for storage. It is made in the same metal as the the tops are made, and are just as nice.

Foreverspin Dock
The dock can fit up to 5 tops [Image courtesy of ForeverSpin]


These are on the top of my list out there for my desk right now.

They won’t take up much space, but can give you hours of enjoyment, are great conversation starters, and help you think.

If you want to buy these for yourself, visit their website’s shop here.