These Are Liberty’s Gun Vaults

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Liberty Safes builds some of the best safes on the market. That doesn’t stop at full-size gun safes, but also expands out to the Gun Vaults.

These pistol safes are separated out by the HD line, the HDX line, and the HD Key Vault series.

Lets take a dive into what each of these lines offer.

1. HD Key Vault Series

Liberty HD-90
[Image courtesy of Liberty Safes]

The HD Key Vault series safes is the entry level safe by Liberty. It consists of the HD-50, and the HD-90 safe. It offers 18 gauge steel, a security cable, and a key lock.

This series offers a 2 year warranty. However without an electronic lock, you probably won’t need it.

2. HD Quick Combo Vaults

Liberty HD-200
The Liberty HD-200 is a great looking medium sized pistol safe [Image courtesy of Liberty Safes]

The HD Quick Combo Vaults build upon the lower series by offering 16 gauge steel (18 gauge on the HD-100), lighted interior, and gives a 4 digit quick access electronic keypad.

This line of safes is offered in the smallest single pistol HD-100, the larger HD-200 and the largest multi firearm version, the HD-300.

This series offers a 2 year warranty. This is great since it has an electronic lock, so it should put you at ease.

3. HDX Biometric Smart Vaults

Liberty HDX-250
[Image courtesy of Liberty Safes]

The HDX series carries over all of the features of the HD series, but removes the keypad and replaces it with the biometric locking mechanism.

This series of safes includes the HDX-150, HDX-250, and HDX-350 safes. The HDX-350 is a rectangular design, unlike the more triangle versions of safes before it.

The HDX Biometric Smart Vaults include a 5 year warranty. This is one of the better warranties out there, and is great, because it has a biometric lock.


Liberty will continue to have some of the best safes on the market for quite some time.

If you want to take a look at these safes, make sure to visit their website here.