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Liberty Safes | THE Complete Guide

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Liberty Safes is one of the largest gun safe manufacturers in the USA. With the majority of theirs safes being built in Utah they have brought a lot of jobs to that region. They build a large array of safes, ranging from their Centurion to their high end National Security safes.

Liberty Safes builds one of the best residential safes on the planet

You will find I often times compare shopping for a safe to shopping for a car. They all (try to) offer the same thing, but the experience is different for each one. 

Liberty I would compare to shopping for a Porsche, you may be paying for the name, but you know for sure you are getting quality and speed… well not speed, but you get the point.

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What Full Size Safes Does Liberty Offer

Liberty splits their full size gun safes up into four different categories. Their mainline Liberty Safes, the National Safes (which were actually National Security, and at one point were a separate company), Fatboy Safes, and their Specialty Safes.

Let’s dig into what each line of safes has to offer!

Liberty Safes Series

In the Liberty Safes lineup they offer 6 different lines of safes. This consists of the Centurion, USA, Colonial, Franklin, Lincoln (and technically Lincoln Modern) and Presidential.

Each line of safes builds on to the last with new features, and they get progressively nicer as they go!

Below is a quick overview of what each has to offer, and then below that I’ll go more in depth with what accessories, and features each comes with.

Fire Rating Steel Gauge Lock Bars Spoke Amount Color Options Starting Price
Centurion30 Min.14 ga10 – 3/16″11$549
USA40 Min.12 ga6 – 1/4″31$1099
Colonial60 Min.12 ga10 – 1/4″310$1399
Franklin75 Min.11 ga15 – 1/4″310$1949
Lincoln90 Min.11 ga15 – 1/4″524$2549
Presidential150 Min.7 ga18 – 1/2″524$4599


Liberty Centurion 24 [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The Liberty Centurion is the true entry level gun safe from Liberty. You will tend to find these in quite a few different retailers out there, as it is the most affordable.

These safes don’t come with a ton more than just security functions. However during purchase you can add quite a few accessories for an added cost as you see fit.

These safes can handle from 12 to 24 guns depending on the size safe you choose. They weight from 245 pounds to 375 pounds. You can expect to pay from $549 for the Centurion 12 to $749 for the Centurion 24.

My thoughts on this safe, are that I would probably recommend looking into upgrading to the USA series, or possibly look at another safe that has at least 12 gauge steel like the Browning Sporter, or if you want to go USA made, the Fort Knox Maverick for a bit more of a price.

USA Series

Liberty USA Series [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The USA series is a bit of a step up from the Centurion with it’s better locking bars, fire rating, and spoke amount.

It also will come with a door panel, an upgraded 3-in-1 interior and comes standard with an electronic lock.

These safes range from being able to hold 30 to 48 guns depending on the version you choose, and weigh from 508 pounds to 646 pounds.

Expect to pay around $1099 on the USA 23 up to $1399 for the USA 30.


Liberty Colonial 50 as the Extreme version [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The Colonial maintains the 12 gauge steel from the USA series, and also comes with the door panel, and the smaller Colonial’s are able to have a marble finish that Liberty is well known for.

You can also have a couple different hardware colors like black chrome, brass, and standard chrome.

These safes range in weight from 615 pounds on the Colonial 23 to 1028 whopping pounds on the Colonial 50 Extreme.

You can expect to pay from $1399 to $2249 as a base price on these safes.

I really like the Colonial safe, and over all it is a nicer safe than a Browning Hell’s Canyon, however is pretty comparable to the Fort Knox Defender (by the way, here is an awesome comparison between Fort Knox and Liberty).


Liberty Franklin 35 [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The gauge of steel may not change from the Colonial to the Franklin series. However they do up the fire rating, as well as the locking bar count.

The Franklin also has a new option on the lock, you can either choose a mechanical lock like the rest, or you can upgrade to the SecuRam ProLogic Lock which is quite a bit better than what you can get on the other earlier safes.

These safes now come standard with the door panel, electronic outlet kit, and a 2 wand light kit.

The Franklin line of safes range from 663 pounds to 1042 pounds, and can handle 27 to 41 long guns.

You can expect to pay from $1,949 for the Franklin 25 to $2,949 for the 50 version.

Due to the price range you are starting to work with on this safe, I probably would recommend lookin at the Lincoln series as it has significant upgrades. You could also think about lookin at the Fort Knox Protector, as it has 7 gauge steel.


Example of the Modern Lincoln 50 [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The Lincoln safes actually come in two different versions. The Lincoln, and the Lincoln Modern. The main difference in the two is the Modern has a more…. well modern feel to the aesthetics….

There are some pretty significant upgrades to this safe, they up the bolt count, fire rating, spoke amount, and the available color options.

As for what the safe comes with, they have added the Jewelry Drawer, a better door panel, dehumidifier, and now you have a 5 wand LED light kit that goes all the way around the door.

I really like the Lincoln series, as it is catching up to the customizability of Fort Knox, and also competes with the Browning Medallion.


Liberty Presidential 50 [Image courtesy of Liberty]

Alright, this series is in a game of it’s own. It brings some of the features from their National Safes over to this line of safes.

It ups the fire rating by double, ups the steel to 7 gauge, and has a ridiculous 18 locking bars.

As for the aesthetics, the spindle is now an upgraded 5 spoke handle that resembles a sail boats wheel.

As for accessories, it comes with everything the Lincoln did, however subs out the dehumidifier for an upgraded PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifier.

This safe kinda reminds me of a toned down Fort Knox Legend, however it competes more of their Elite safes. A Platinum Plus by Browning would be a great safe to look into as well, as they are similar competitors.

National Safes

The National Safes were originally the National Security safes, which used to be a completely separate company, and was purchased in 1997 by Liberty Safes.

These safes tend to be the high end versions of what Liberty has to offer! It is kinda like how Toyota has Lexus. It’s a similar safe, just more luxurious.

There are only 3 current versions of these safes right now, so let’s run through them!

Fire RatingSteel GaugeLocking BarsStarting Price
National Classic Select90 Min11 ga18 – 3/8″$2949
National Classic Plus110 Min10 ga16$3499
National Magnum150 Min7 ga18 – 1/2″$4599

National Classic Select

National Classic Select [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The National Classic Select is essentially the same safe as the Lincoln series and carries over the fire rating steel thickness, however does up the locking bar amount a bit.

The main difference between this and the Lincoln is the styling and quality. The door panel has been upgraded to a premium version, and looks great.

It also includes the 5 wand LED light kit, jewelry drawer, electrical outlet kit and dehumidifier rod.

In my opinion, I’m not totally sure a $400 premium for this safe is quite worth is over the Lincoln. Might be worth sticking with that!

National Classic Plus

National Classic Plus [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The National Classic Plus doesn’t really have a comparable version to the standard Liberty lineup. However it sits comfortably between the Lincoln and the Presidential.

It includes all of the same things as the National Classic Select, however upgrades the fire rating, and the steel thickness. However it drops the locking bar count from 18 to 16, it doesn’t say why… but I assume they upped the steel thickness to 1/2″ instead of 3/8″.

Honestly, the $550 premium may actually be worth it on this one, I’d recommend looking into it.

National Magnum

National Magnum [Image courtesy of Liberty]

With the National Magnum we are back to the refinishing a standard series safe. In this case, it is the same safe as the Presidential.

The one major change is the off center spoke! Not many manufacturers do this, and the only ones I can think of are Reed Safe and Summit Safes.

It’s a really cool look, and when you get into this price range… may be worth the upgrade. It also includes the angled edges that you normally only find on really nice safes, and randomly Winchester.

Fatboy Safes

The Fatboy line of safes is probably the most well known Liberty Safes on the market today. They offer some great features for a relatively low price point.

They both offer 11 gauge steel, and 4 color options. They also come in two different versions, the Fatboy and Fatboy Jr, or the Fatboy Extreme and Fatboy Jr Extreme. Basically the Extreme version splits the interior up into 3 sections, and two of them are for rifles, instead of the standard version that splits the interior up into 2 sections.

The Extreme version works great for having full size long rifles in one of the three, and then shorter rifles in the other rifle section.

Steel GaugeInterior CapacityLocking BarsFire RatingStarting Price
Fatboy11601275 min$2,449
Fatboy Jr11 ga48860 min$1,699

Fatboy Jr

Liberty Fatboy Jr
Liberty Fatboy Jr in a marble finish [Image courtesy of Liberty]

The Liberty Fatboy Jr has features like a 60 minute fire rating, 8 steel locking bars, an economy door panel and even includes a rifle rods pack to help keep things organized in this safe.

With the ability to store up to 48 long guns with a 4 in 1 interior configuration, it is definitely on the larger size of safes (as evident in the name) however it definitely isn’t the biggest safe out there.

Now the main reason that this safe is a great option though, is it’s starting price of $1,699. For the size and fire rating, it makes it a great value safe. It may not be as fancy as the rest of Liberty’s lineup, however it presents great value.


With the Fatboy Jr out of the way, the standard Fatboy builds on that ones platform by adding to the fire-rating and making it 75 minutes. It now has 12 – 1/4″ locking bars and the lock is upgraded to a DX-90 Monster Mech.

The interior of this safe includes a 6 in 1 interior (also available in the Extreme interior), and the exterior is covered in marble finishes.

This 60 gun safe goes for a price of around $2,449, and again is meant to be a bargain. However in this price range, you definitely should look at all options before buying.

Liberty Safes FAQ

Are Liberty gun safes Made in USA?

All of Liberty gun safes are made in the USA. I can’t speak to their home safes, and pistol safes, however all of their gun safes are advertised as being made in the USA.

You can find these safes by visiting their Dealer Locator.

Liberty’s USA facility is 200,000 square feet

What is the warranty like on a Liberty?

This safe company offers a free transferable lifetime warranty on their UL rated safes.. The warranty includes parts and labor, delivery and installation.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the card that comes with your safe.

Are Liberty Safes Fireproof?

While Liberty’s safes may not be waterproof, they are however fire resistant (not fireproof).

This varies from 30 minutes all the way up to 2.5 hours!

Who Owns Liberty Safes?

The Compass Group purchased Liberty Safes in March of 2010. They also own companies like 5.11, Sterno, and in the past owned Camelbak.

How Much Are Liberty Safes?

Liberty Safes range in price from $549 all the way up to almost $6000. This is actually a pretty impressive range of safes, as they are able to help people into their first, and eventually their last safe.

What is special about Liberty?

Liberty is the first main stream manufacturer to completely switch over to a Military Style Locking Bar. While other manufacturers do something similar, this is the first major player to do this.

This is a 1/2 locking bar. Locking bar widths will differ between series of safes. [Image courtesy of Liberty Safe]

Check out more about these at this article.

Liberty doesn’t just sell full size safes

They also sell safe accessories, pistol safes, and other products!

Liberty lighting kits are great for any brand of safe you have

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