The Browning Platinum Plus Is Huge, Expensive, and Awesome

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The Browning Platinum Plus gun safe series is the top of the line safe by Pro Steel of Browning’s standard series of safes (excluding The PRO line of safes). These safes feature some crazy features that make this safe one of the best on the market.

The Platinum Plus series consists of the 49 gun capacity PP49 and its taller sibling PP49T. Then there is the behemoth 65 gun capacity PP65 safe.

Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite features of this crazy heavy safe.

Browning Platinum Plus 65
The Browning Platinum Plus 65 is a huge safe [Photo Courtesy of Browning]

Wood interior? Why not!

The Browning Platinum Plus gun safe come with a food finish. It is nice!

Browning PP49 with door open
The Browning PP49 with the door open shows the corner bolts, wood interior and the Axis shelves [Photo courtesy of Browning]

Axis Interior

On an of Browning’s USA made gun safe you will find this feature. However it is always worth mentioning, especially in this large of a gun safe.

The shelves in this safe are completely adjustable up and down, side to side, and with an added accessory, can even be moved side to side half way in between where they normally would be.

They offer u-shaped gun racks, high capacity, heavy duty shelves, pistol racks that hang under shelves and more.

3/16″ steel thickness

The Platinum Plus gun safe offers 3/16″ steel, also known as 7 gauge. This marks it as the thickest gauge steel that Browning offers on any of their main line safes.

The Browning PP49T is the taller of the 49 gun capacity safes [Photo courtesy of Browning]

While this isn’t the only factor in this, it also aids in its massive weight of 1425 pounds.

Corner Bolts

The Platinum Plus series safes all come with corner bolts. These allow for increased pry bar protection. Check out this article to learn more in depth on how this helps.


These are of course only some of the features of the safe, as they are just my favorites. In less detail this safe also offers a 120 minute / 1750 degree fire rating (even found on our list of gun safes with the best fire rating), a ridiculous amount of paint and graphic scenes. They also have 3 lock options including a biometric option.

So what do I think about these safes? I think these safes are really meant for those people that want a safe that they can pass down to their kids, and their kids and so on.

It isn’t meant for the budget minded customer, or the person that wants the absolute best value. You are definitely paying for the name, and could probably get a cheaper comparable safe from Fort Knox, or Vault Pro. However Browning makes a great looking safe and it’s up to you to decide where you want to place the value.


If this safe sounds like something that works for you, I would highly recommend you visit Browning’s website, build a safe on their site and get a custom quote from a local retailer to you!