The Browning Portable Pistol Vault Is A Great Inexpensive Safe

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The Browning Portable Pistol Vault, or also known as the PVPORT is an entry level hand gun safe by Browning Prosteel that offers great, simple firearm protection for your firearms when you are on-the-go.

This pistol safe joins the rest of the fleet of pistol vaults like the PV500, PV900, PV1000, and the PV1500.

This pistol safe offers 16 gauge steel, a security cable, a barrel key lock (with two keys and a textured gray finish.

Lets take a look a little more in depth at this little pistol vault!

I was excited to open this up and find that it came with a cable for tying it down in your vehicle. Many of these little safes will allow for the feature, but you have to buy the cable as an extra add-on.

The key lock is a very simple lock, I doubt it is the most secure. However at such a low cost, you can’t expect more than this.

Here is the inside of that lock. Not a ton to it, but seems to have 16 gauge steel on this part, and the other side.

This Browning Portable Pistol Vault isn’t the largest on the market. However it fits my granola bar quite well.

The interior of this safe is a little different than most. Instead of using a foam, they used little “fingers” to keep anything in place.

The cable inserts here, and when close you are unable to pull it out.

As most of these do, the PVPORT includes rubber stoppers so you don’t scratch your counter, or so it doesn’t slide around.

What I like about the safe

This safe has many things going for it, such as it small size, its low price and availability as well as its simple design.

I have always liked Browning’s finish on these safes, and they seem like it would be a durable paint.

The “fingers” on the interior of the safe are an interesting idea, and would be much easier to clean out than anything else I have seen. This seems like an inexpensive solution to a dirty pistol vault.

What I don’t like about the Portable Pistol Vault

My first thing I don’t much care for is the lock, the key seems to be a bit loose in the lock, and doesn’t seem to be overly secure.

I also wish there was some kind of mechanism to dampen the safe when opening and closing it. The door kinda just moves freely.


The Browning Pistol Vault definitely is a great safe for the cost. If you go into it expecting to get the same thing as a much more expensive Vaultek you will find yourself disappointed.

However if you want a great little safe to keep your firearms out of the reach of children, then this might be a great option.