5 Things You Didn’t Know About Liberty Safes

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Liberty Safes is big, there is no doubt about that! However just like any company they come from humble beginnings. Check out these 5 facts about Liberty safes that you may not have known!

1. Liberty was founded by Jay Crosby in 1988.

Jay was an co-founder of Fort Knox down the road in Orem, Utah.The company started by building only 6 safes a day. They now build 450 safes a day and are the #1 selling brand in America

2. National Security, Liberty’s high end safes, used to be a different company.

In 1995 Liberty purchased one of their main competitors which was a major brand at the time. They then placed them at the top of their product line.

3. Liberty makes private label safes for Cabela’s, Remington Arms, John Deere, and more.

4. Compass Equity currently owns Liberty Safes. 

The company purchased Liberty in March of 2010

5. Liberty Safes is one of the few companies to use locking bars on their safes

These bars seem to make the safes much stronger, and more cost effective! Best of both worlds!


No one can ignore Liberty Safes, they are one of the, if no the largest gun safe manufacturer our there today.

These facts were found on Liberty Safes website.

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