Top 8 Best Mid-Range Gun Safes Under $2000 in 2023

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The price point of being under $2000.00 is an important step for gun safes. In this price range of $1000-$2000 you begin to see USA made gun safes from manufacturers like Fort Knox, Browning, Liberty, and more.

However there are also some great safes in the import safes as well from many other manufacturers.

So the question is? For under $2000 what is the best safe you can buy!

Our FavoritesThe ProductRating
Best OverallSecureIt Answer Model 124.5 / 5
Best ModularSnapsafe Super Titan4.5 / 5
Best USA MadeFort Knox Maverick 60315 / 5
Best ValueSteelwater 22 Gun4.5/ 5
Most PopularLiberty Fatboy Jr4 / 5

1. SecureIt Answer Ultralight Model 12

[Image courtesy of SecureIt]

Gun safes have begun to change over the past couple years, and no one has been at the forefront of that change more than SecureIt. While most other safes on this list offer a traditional design, SecureIt has reimagined what a gun safe should be.

This safe has a double door design, is wider, but thinner than most other safes in its category, and stacks rifles next to each other for quick access using a patented cradle grid technology. This makes it one of the best tactical safes on the market today.

With 12 gauge steel, it still meets all of the other safes on the market in terms of security, however doesn’t offer a fire rating to lower its overall weight, as well as cost to get you a great bang for the buck.

If you want a safe that does what it says, and that you know you are getting what you pay for, then this is the safe for you.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ High by 36″ Wide by 18″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 58 3/4″ High by 35 1/2″ Wide by 14 1/2″ Deep
  • Weight: 399 pounds


  • Cradle Grid Technology
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Fully welded body
  • Quick Access
  • Double Door


  • Smaller capacity

2. Browning Rawhide RW33

As a first for Browning, the Rawhide safes are an 11 gauge steel safe that is imported in to the states. This means, you can get both a thicker steel safe, and the quality of a Browning product.

The new Rawhide safes also offer a great fire rating of 80 minutes at 1550 degrees, pry-stop end bolts, and one of my favorite interiors of any traditional style gun safe on the market today.

One of my other favorite features about these safes, is the fact that it has a full DPX door storage system, which means you can store up to 7 rifles on the door, leaving the interior of your safe open for either more firearms, or more valuables.

New for this brand of safes, is a new paint scheme, with either a brown finish with brown accents, or black finish with brown accents.


  • External Dimensions: 60″ High by 30″ Wide by 24.5″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: Unknown
  • Weight: 645 pounds


  • Thicker steel
  • Browning quality
  • Door panel can hold rifles
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Cool paint scheme


  • Imported safe
  • Wish it had axis interior

3. Fort Knox Maverick 6031

[Image courtesy of Fort Knox]

No list for this price range of safe could be without Fort Knox showing up somewhere on it.

The Maverick series of safes start to show up here on the $2000 budget, and the 6031 is the largest you can buy with it.

At 11 gauge steel, and much of Fort Knox’s technology for building safes put into this safe its hard to ignore.

What is my favorite feature on this safe? Much like Liberty’s reason, Fort Knox truly backs up their safes with a lifetime warranty, even to the locking mechanism, theft, attempted break-in, flood and more.


  • External Dimensions: 60″ High by 31″ Wide by 27″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: Unknown
  • Weight: Varies


  • High quality brand
  • Thick steel
  • Awesome paint


  • None

4. Liberty Colonial 23

[Image courtesy of Liberty Safes]

It will be hard to shop for any price point of safe without running into the Liberty name. However this is for good reason!

While getting up into the top range of the $2000 budget it offers an 11 gauge steel construction, Liberty’s new Military Style Locking bars, and a very nice paint style.

You definitely will recognize a Liberty when you see one. Shopping for one can be similar to buying a car.

If you look through Liberty’s website it is littered with guarantees and warranty information. Also customer testimonials from some big names and unheard of names. It’s hard to get past this.


  • External Dimensions: 60.5″ High by 30″ Wide by 25″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 56.5″ High by 26″ Wide by 14.5″ Deep
  • Weight: 615 pounds


  • Liberty Quality
  • High quality paint
  • Great locking mechansims


  • Paying a bit for the name

5. Snapsafe Super Titan

I have talked about it over, and over, and over again on this site. I really do like the Snapsafe brand of safes. These modular gun safes offer awesome fire rating, and with their modular design you don’t have to spend money on a moving company, and can keep your new purchase a secret as you won’t need friends to bring it into your home.

These safes have been around for quite some time at this point, and have proven to be high quality, easy to install, and easy to move around.

Not only are they easy to move, but they also offer a high end security for an awesome price. This safe safe in particular offers 9 gauge steel (achieved by two layers of steel), a great electronic locking mechanism (with key backup), and a large capacity.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ High by 38″ Wide by 17.5″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 53.5″ High by 33″ Wide by 14.5″ Deep
  • Weight: 550 pounds


  • Modular safe design
  • Great fire rating
  • Thick steel
  • Great value


  • Very basic features
  • Steel achieved by 2 layers of steel

6. Tracker Safe M22

[Image courtesy of Tracker Safe]

This company is well known in the industry for making some high quality import safes, at a great price. How do they get such great quality, when other manufacturers are buying from a similar place? They finalize their assembly here in the USA.

That means, that the most important part of the safe, the lock, is added to the safe here in the USA. Because of that, the likelihood of a locking mechanism failure is dramatically lower, and higher quality is achieved while maintaining a great price. You can read more about that in this article.

Anyways, this safe in particular offers 11 gauge steel, a re-locker, drill resistant hard plate, 60 minute fire rating (at 1250 degrees), and even an internal outlet to plug dehumidifiers, and anything else you would need in.

The other big upside, is you can also choose your lock, either a Group 2 Mechanical Dial Lock, or a La Gard Basic II Electronic Lock.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ High by 30″ Wide by 24″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 55.75″ High by 27.5″ Wide by 18″ Deep
  • Weight: 560 pounds


  • Locking mechanism installed in the USA
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Multiple lock options
  • Thick steel


  • Imported safe

7. Steelwater 22 Gun – 2 Hour

I think anyone that has been hunting for a safe at this price range has likely found their way to looking at this safe. It is the thickest steel option safe on this list with a true 9 gauge body construction! This is achieved with a single layer, not with 2 layers like the Snapsafe we talked about earlier.

It’s specs don’t end there though, it also offers 2 hours of fire rating at 1875 degrees, a high end electronic locking mechanism, 2 re-lockers, interior lighting, and a built in door organizer.

While it isn’t the fanciest looking safe, it is by far probably the best value safe in this price range right now. If you are looking for a great safe, but don’t care about its style, this probably should be your choice.


  • External Dimensions: 59″ High by 30″ Wide by 24″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 54 1/2″ High by 26″ Wide by 19 1/2″ Deep
  • Weight: 765 pounds


  • Amazing steel gauge
  • Great fire rating
  • Awesome quality
  • Best value


  • Imported safe

8. Liberty Fatboy Jr

[Image courtesy of Liberty Safe]

Where would a list of safes in this price range be without mentioning the trusty Fatboy Jr by Liberty Safes. This is a highly popular choice, mainly because it is backed by Liberty Safes, one of the most trusted names in the industry.

While its specifications of 12 gauge steel, a 75 minute fire rating, with a choice of electronic or mechanical locks is beaten by quite a few other safes on this list for the price, it makes up for it by it’s reliability, and an awesome warranty.

Another big plus, is the fact that it utilizes Liberty’s new Military Style Locking Bars, which expand any impact of the door across a larger surface area, and makes it much safer and more secure than the round bolts alternatives that many other manufacturers use.


  • External Dimensions: 60.5″ High by 42″ Wide by 22″ Deep
  • Internal Dimensions: 56.5″ High by 38″ Wide by 14.5″ Deep
  • Weight: 731 pounds


  • Liberty Quality
  • Best Liberty for the price
  • Large capacity
  • Good locking mechanism


  • Thinner steel
  • Lower fire rating

What to look for in a gun safe under $2000

A budget of $2000 may sound like a lot, however you still can’t expect the best features, quality and craftsmanship of other higher price points. Below are what you likely will be able to expect with this budget, and what you might not be able to expect as well.

Locking Mechanisms

Gun safes in this range tend to have high quality, name-brand locking mechanisms. They don’t tend to have the super fancy ones with biometric, or redundant locks, but they are going to be highly regarded, basic, good locks.

You shouldn’t have to worry about if you will be able to get into the safe due to malfunctions! Even if you do, the manufacturers on this list should be able to help you out in a pinch no problem.


You can generally expect to get a quality safe in this range with about a 30-33 gun capacity. Of course, if you are willing to go down on quality a bit, you can find yourself an extremely high capacity safe. Or if you want to go up in quality, you will want to go with a lower capacity.

I find though, that the best bang for the buck in this range is going to be in that 30-33 gun capacity range.

Steel Gauge

Most safes at this dollar amount should be in the 11 gauge to 12 gauge range of thickness. If you see a safe in the 14 gauge range, you should probably avoid, as you will be much happier with thicker steel.


You shouldn’t have to worry to much about safes in this price range, unless of course you don’t recognize the brand, the lock, and there aren’t many reviews. Just like other industries, some companies try to get a cheap safe past you at a higher price, so its best to follow the well known brands.

Import vs Domestic

This price range is still a hard one when it comes to the fight between import and domestically made gun safes. You will still find similar quality in an import to a USA made safe, as the USA made safes still have to cut quality to meet the price point that they want.

I would really just recommend looking at the differences between the safes and choose the one you like best, and probably ignore where it was made.


The higher the price you pay, the more usable a safe is going to be. A great example is the innovative SecureIt Answer safe at the top of this list. It took a lot of time and patience to come up with that safe, and it paid off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to put a gun safe in the garage?

Garages can be a great place to put your gun safe, as it is generally a cement slab, is flat, and you don’t have stairs to access it. However it also has problems, as temperature changes dramatically, and anyone can see your safe when the garage door is open. Make sure to weight the benefits and drawbacks before making this choice.

Should I bolt down my safe?

Always, I mean always, bolt down your gun safe. The easiest way to break into a gun safe is by tipping it over, and prying it open, or just taking the whole safe with you. Both of these are easily solved by just bolting the safe to the ground. It’s an easy task, and doesn’t take very long.

Should I put a dehumidifier in my safe?

I always recommend putting a dehumidifier in your gun safe. This will help it keep your safe dry, but not too dry, as your safe does not have airflow, and water likes to settle when this happens.


So there you have it, these are my top 8 favorite gun safes under the price of $2000 as of right now. Each of these offer something a bit different than the other, but all are a great value for the right person.

I hope this helped you along your journey of finding the right safe for you.