SecureIt Tactical: The Counter Culture Gun Safe Company

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SecureIt Intelligent Firearms Storage is a company out of Syracuse New York that builds military armories, and has more recently branched out into the private sector with lightweight gun safes, full size gun safes, and hidden gun safes.

The brand capitalizes on the shortcomings of what many gun safes in the industry fall short on. 

This includes things like subpar fire ratings, unreliable construction and more.

Tom (the owner) can be seen in many of their videos debunking issues with these safes on their website, and backs them up with real life examples. He then shows how they have created something better. A great example is this video below.

[Video Courtesy of SecureIt]

What does SecureIt do differently

  • SecureIt challenges the gun safe industry to be better. This can be seen in the Winchester modular interiors that mimic SecureIt’s CradleGrid technology.
  • As a follow up to the last point, the CradleGrid technology is a great addition to the industry. It allows for quick access and can be used in many different applications throughout their full lineup of cabinets, gun safes, and hidden safes.
  • When SecureIt creates a product, they really do aim to make a no-compromise product. This is shown throughout their lineup.
  • Range of products – With so many products, and accessories to go with each, the possibilities are endless.
  • Great price – All of SecureIt’s products are built to compete with the rest of the industry. They even have a 90 day money back guarantee.

As mentioned earlier, SecureIt sells quite a few different cabinets, gun safes, and firearm storage options! Here are just some of them.

1. SecureIt Agile Ultralight Gun Safes

These safes are built to be modular (ships flat and are put together at your home), quick access safes that compete well with other entry level safes.

They may not have a fire rating (if you do want a fire rating, here is a great article with some of the best), but more than make up for it with other features.

More recently, SecureIt has added to their collection of Ultralight gun safes by adding different packages of the Model 52 called the Plus, and the PRO line.

They also created the Model 40, which is the shorter version of their popular Model 52 gun cabinet.

At 14 gauge steel, they have similar strength to a Liberty Centurion.

If owning one of these isn’t enough, you can buy a package of 4 and basically have a wall of safes, not too bad if I say so myself.

Of course if you want to learn more about this one, you can watch this video from SecureIt below.

[Video Courtesy of SecureIt]

2. SecureIt Answer Ultralight Gun Safes

While not as light as the Agile Safes, these products are welded, lightweight safes that feature some thick steel, and quick access. They also have a built in door organizer.

The Model 8 version is a single door welded cabinet that offers the same CradleGrid technology as all of the rest of SecureIt’s products. It also upgrades the steel to 12 gauges, instead of the Agile series’ 14 gauge steel.

If the smaller Model 8 wasn’t large enough, you can upgrade to the Answer Model 12, which features all of the same features as the 8, but is wider, and is now a double door version.

This is a rare, but helpful feature that not many manufacturers offer.

PRO Info: Even though the Answer Series is able to handle a lot of rifles, it is able to be much less deep than a standard gun safe.

The reason most gun safes are deep is to offset the large doors, by offering smaller door profiles, SecureIt doesn’t have to make their safes extremely deep.

[Video Courtesy of SecureIt]

3. SecureIt True Gun Safe

Alright, so SecureIt constantly points out all of the concerns that they have with normal gun safes, such as untrue fire ratings, less than acceptable fire ratings, and such. However they didn’t really have a good option to compete directly with them. That is until now.

The True safe offers double steel walls, a proprietary concrete filling for both fire rating as well as to keep people from cutting their way in.

This is a no-nonsense gun safe, it isn’t built to stand out in the living room, rather hidden in an easily accessible spot in your home. There isn’t any fancy carpeting in the interior, but it does offer an extremely usable interior (using the CradleGrid technology).

If you are looking for a gun safe that means business, and only business, this is the safe to buy.

4. SecureIt Hidden Gun Safes – Fastbox Safes

SecureIt doesn’t just build standard upright gun safes, they also build an array of hidden gun safes in the form of the Fastbox Model 40 and Model 47. These can fit 1-2 rifles, and be hidden under beds, under couches, or really anywhere you would need them to be.

The Model 47 can even be stood upright with an additional accessory, and in that configuration it can handle 2 rifles instead of the standard 1.

At under $300 for either size, it makes for an easy purchase.

If your goal is to decentralize your firearms from just one place, these Fastbox’s are a great way to have your firearms secured in multiple points of your home.

You of course can learn more about this in our full article about these here!

5. SecureIt Gun Rooms

Now gun safes are all great and stuff, however for those those that just have too many firearms, you probably should take a look at SecureIt’s gun wall, and gun room kits.

They have taken their know-how from their military supplier background and made it extremely easy to store your firearms in both an aesthetically pleasing way, as well as extremely practical way.

You can either just buy it panel by panel, then buy additional accessories, or you want to go full board you can buy full kits that will get you everything you need to build out your gun room.

Keep in mind, if you are planning on doing a gun room, you need a vault door! This article details some vault doors that should fit most budgets.

[Video Courtesy of SecureIt]


As you can tell, SecureIt is a favorite of mine when it comes to gun safes. Of this complete list, the Agile 52, and the True Safe are probably at the top of my list if I were to purchase one of their products.

I would use the Model 52 as my easy and quick access safe, and the True Safe as the long term storage safe.

With that, I highly recommend you take a look at this manufacturer!

If you want to keep reading about these products, you will find some of SecureIt’s prodocts on these lists of best safes in different categories:

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