The SecureIt Fastbox 40 And 47 Review: You Should Consider These

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If you are on the hunt for a small gun safe, that can handle long guns, that is high quality, versatile, and for a decent price. You may want to at least consider taking a look at a SecureIt Fastbox.

SecureIt has a background in building armories for the Military, and has moved on to create residential safes with the knowledge they have been actively gaining from their other side of the business. The Fastbox 40 and 47 are very similar safes, but they both offer the ability to be used on their side, upright, and have an adjustable interior.

If you haven’t looked at a FastBox before buying a small gun safe, then you probably haven’t done enough research.

CradleGrid Technology

I have this at the top of my list because it truly is one of the best systems out there for any gun safe. It is also awesome to see it utilized even in this small of an application, and used well.

The CradleGrid Technology is basically a bunch of louvers at the back of the safe, in its vertical application it allows you to be able to add different bins, or accessories to the back of the safe, to make it a true safe (no not that True Safe).

If you want to watch the video below it really goes in to these features.

Pre drilled holes

While this may not be a huge selling point for most gun safes, when you are talking about this small of a safe, this is completely imperative. Mainly because if you couldn’t bolt it down, this could be carried away.

If you are purchasing this one, make sure you buy some bolt down anchors to secure it (no pun intended) down to wherever you are putting this.

Is able to handle rifles with scopes

If you have ever owned a gun safe, you have found most of them just aren’t built to handle optics (scopes) in them. They were built for long rifles with iron sites.

However SecureIt was really built to be ahead of the curve, and because of how they built the cradle grid, it allowed them to function just as well with a scope as without.


Going back to the CradleGrid Technology in this safe, you are able to add a couple different styles of accessories into these safes. 

Medium bins with dividers

These bins essentially will work like shelves you would find in a normal safe. They are all completely adjustable, and can fit around, on top, or can fill a complete side of the safe when you have it in its vertical mode.

Fast Box Vertical Kit

This kit is what allows you to be able to keep your safe in its vertical mode. It gives you a base to put the rifles into, and then two stands that fit into the louvers on the back of the safe to keep the guns from just sitting on the metal at the back of the safe (also helps make this capable of handling optics).

Fast Box Mobile Straps

Finally, this accessory is meant to allow you to take this safe on-the-go in your car, SUV, or RV. Basically it just straps your rifle to one side of the safe so that it can’t move around when you are accelerating, decelerating, off-roading, and well I think you get it.

Welded Steel and Powder Coated Finish

SecureIt is huge into not creating a show piece, rather something that is incredibly durable, and usable. Because of this, they have created a completely welded unit, that is powder coated.

Both of these aspects allow it to be beaten and abused without having to worry about it breaking, or ruining its paint.

Ability to be vertical or horizontal

Now this is one of the most unique things about this safe, and I know I have talked about it throughout the article.

No other small safe that I have found is able to be used either vertically and horizontally. Having this ability allows you to be able to put this exactly where you want it at one point, then move it to a different place depending on your mood.

SecureIt FastBox Model 40 VS Model 47

Model 40Model 47
LockKeypad w/ key bypassKeypad w/ key bypass
Steel Gauge16 gauge16 gauge
Fire RatingNoneNone
Weight45 pounds47 pounds
Capacity1-2 rifles1-2 rifles
Rifle Length CapacityUp to 39”up to 46”

What are the pros and cons of the Fastbox Safes?

Every product out there is going to have its pros, and of course cons. So let’s discuss this!


  • Portable
  • Quick access
  • One of the few safes like this that can handle 2 rifles
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Modular interior
  • Great price for what you get


  • Thin steel gauge
  • Would be great to have a name brand lock

Who are the Fastbox Model 40 and Model 47 for?

These safes honestly aren’t for everyone! Some people may want something larger, heavier, and more secure by having thicker steel. However for every person this may not be for, there are just as many this might be perfect for.

If you fall into the group of people that want to disperse your firearms throughout the home for quick access, or maybe someone that can’t own a full size safe, these safes would be perfect for you. 

If you live in an area with low crime, and aren’t too worried about someone being able to break into your home for a long period of time (which means they can spend an extended period of time to break into a safe) then these might be for you.

Basically, these safes are meant for those that their main worry is someone breaking into your home while you are there, and also for those that have kids and want to keep their firearms out of the children’s hands (which should be anyone with kids and firearms, be responsible).

So how much are these safes?

At the time of this writing, these safes are an incredibly good deal. The Fastbox Model 40 runs at $259, and the Fastbox Model 47 runs at $269.

Personally, unless I was running into space issues, the Model 47 would be my pick. Even if you don’t have that long of rifles, you could add more bins and accessories to the Cradle Grid in the back.

They do also offer a Fastbox Model 47 Vertical Kit Bundle that includes everything you need to keep the safe upright. This includes the safe, the vertical kit, and a bin for $314.

Where to buy these?

SecureIt products are sold in quite a few places, online and in physical locations. However I would recommend buying them directly from the manufacturer, as they tend to have the best price and availability.

If you want to see these products on their site, or any of their other products, click this link here.


I really do recommend these Fastbox safes. If you haven’t looked into them, you should at least glance at them before you buy anything else.

These also do compliment a full size safe well, as you can disperse the firearms throughout your home easily, and not keep them all in one place.

The safes offer quick access, good security, awesome value, and are completely customizable to be able to be used exactly the way you want them to be.