SecureIt True Safe: The True, True Gun Safe

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  • Truth safe is a high security, great value product. With concrete filled walls, fire rating and security benefit heavily
  • Along with the “Answer” series, SecureIt is really shaking up the industry with products that finally give a great option to what is wrong with a lot of safes
  • SecureIt backs up their products with a 90 day no questions asked return policy
  • This is one of my highest rated products. Definitely worth a look.
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SecureIt for quite some time has been talking about how gun safes have not stood up to what the safes in the industry need. They have also talked about how fire ratings have not been true to their word. The launch of the True Safe gives their customers an option that addresses both, the main feature? Concrete.

The True Safe is reminiscent to the BF series of gun safes by Amsec. Instead of the commonly used drywall, and carpeting that SecureIt says will just corrode your firearms, they have added in a new blend of concrete to the safe.

This safe is also very counter culture to its competitors that have eloquent paint jobs, carpeted interiors, and shelving.

Cement filled walls

This gun safe has an outer steel that is an undisclosed thickness, with a new propriotary blend of concrete within that, and then another steel liner on the inside of that. This creates a concrete sandwich.

So why does that matter? This concrete will stop a saw blade in its tracks, while they may be able to get through the outer layer of steel, the concrete will dull the blade and not allow it to go any further than that.

The concrete blend also will not crumble from a sludge hammer like normal concrete will. This has overcome the major concern of concrete filled safes.

How does it stand up to fire

The True Safe has been tested at 2 hours and 20 minutes. This is one of the highest in the industry and should give people the fire rating they need even if they are in the rural community.

Want to know what to look for on a fire rating? Check out this article.

Why isn’t there interior carpeting?

SecureIt firmly believes that the carpeting on the interior of most safes on the market contain chemicals. These chemicals can settle on your firearms and cause terrible corrosion.

Because of this they have decided to leave the steel as the interior and paint it the same color as the outside. This of course also gives a good surface for them to mount their patented cradle grid technology.

The paint is well… bland?

Viewing even the smallest amount of articles or videos on SecureIt’s website will show that they think a little differently than the rest.

The owner highly believes in hiding your safe, and never talking, or showing the safe to anyone. This is the first and one of the most important things to do in his eyes.

Because of this, there really isn’t any point to give the safe an expensive paint job, or an elegant gold handle.

It has a job, and this safe does it well.


The SecureIt True Safe is a crazy behemoth of safe. However it really does live up to its name, with the concrete walls, multiple layers of steel, and a no-nonsense build it should defeat most criminals, no matter how determined.

Before you leave, I do recommend you watch this video from the manufacturer.