Zanotti Executive X-1: The Only Modular Home Safe

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  • Finally a modular home safe is on the market again
  • This safe has a fire rating, while not advertised it has something called a “Fire Shield”
  • At a weight of almost 400 pounds I’m glad this thing is modular

Zanotti finally just released a much needed addition to the modular gun safe industry! The modular home safe X-1!

Snapsafe had a home safe in the past, however no longer sells the product. So this is a very welcome launch for the industry!

What does the safe feature

The Zanotti X-1 is a smaller version of its big brothers being close to a cube. It is 30″ High, 31″ Wide, and 25″ deep. It has a undisclosed fire rating, modular design, and looks to only come with a mechanical lock (with a key locking dial option), as that is Zanotti’s standard.

Zanotti Armor X1 side view
[Image courtesy of Zanotti]

This home safe carries the same steel thickness as the other safes in the Zanotti line with a 3/16″ recessed door, and a 3/8″ hard plate.

Three re-locking devices are included on this safe, to keep criminals from accessing the safe in multiple ways.

This safe is built right here in the USA by USA workers. These safes are built to a higher standard, and most home safes currently on the market are made in foreign countries due to cost.

Outside of this, there really isn’t much more disclosed about the safe. However I will update as I learn more!

What do I think?

Zanotti Armor X1 home safe
[Image courtesy of Zanotti]

As said before, I think this is an important addition to the industry. Home safes can be very heavy, and awkward to carry. They also aren’t something that people will always plan on keeping in one place like full size safes.

Military, and people that move often should rejoice at this!

Zanotti safes can also be found on my best modular safes list here.

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