8 Gettysburg Gun Safes Review: Everything To Know in 2023

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Thanks for the support! 👍

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

If you have done any form of shopping online, or of course in a Rural King store, you probably have heard of Gettysburg Gun Safes. After a quick search, you notice that there isn’t much information out there about them, and how good they are. 

I am hoping by the end of this article you will know if Gettysburg Gun Safes are the right, or even wrong choice for you and your home security. Basically, these safes are built specifically for Rural King, and are an import safe that provides a good value, but isn’t without its flaws.

Lincoln Memorial in reference to Gettysburg

Firstly, let’s go through what all of the Gettysburg safes have in common (each of these categories is pulled from my buying guide):

Locking mechanism

Each of the different safes come equipped with an electronic lock with a key bypass. While it may not be a name brand lock like I would prefer, at least it does come with a key bypass.

Normally in higher end safes I would frown upon the key bypass, but when you are working in this price range, if that electronic lock does fail, you would have to call a locksmith to access the safe. With the key bypass you can avoid that.

Steel thickness

Now the 14 gauge steel may make this safe seem like a wimp. However keep in mind that Liberty’s Centurion Series has exactly the same gauge of steel. I’m not saying it isn’t’ ideal, but for the price that these safes are, it is “okay”.

Fire rating

The larger safes come with an extremely impressive 75 minute fire rating, while the smaller ones come with a 30 minute fire rating! Now if they have ever been tested, or if that is just a sticker on the door is slightly up in the air. 

However for most big box stores that import their safes, you can say the same thing. In the end you need to trust the store you are buying it from.

Security Features

Outside of the electronic lock we mentioned earlier, Gettysburg Gun Safes also come equipped with a drill resistant hard plate that separates the internal locking mechanism from the outside world, and more importantly a drill.

Most of the lineup also come with a varying amount of bolts on all 4 sides of the door (one only has 3 sides). Keep in mind though, just because a safe has more bolts doesn’t mean it actually is more secure.

Another security feature would just be the weight of the safe. Their largest 84 gun safe offers 912 pounds of heft to give you a good idea.


This often overlooked, but imperative category of a safe is actually really good for these safes! Gettysburg offers a limited lifetime warranty that goes through Rural King.

For cheaper safes like this, it is important to have this warranty for any breakdowns that may happen.


You can’t expect much from these safes at the sub $1000 price point. However these aren’t bad looking safes! They are rather generic, but have Gettysburg specific older style fontwork and pin striping on the doors. 

Outside of that, they look like most other safes on the market that are imported from China.

Additional Features

Most of this article so far has been mainly about the security and basics of the safes. However you can’t forget about the frills of a safe, as that sometimes will set it apart from others.

The Gettysburg safes come with a door panel, and adjustable shelving that allows you to adjust the long gun capacity. 

Outside of these few features, there isn’t a ton more. However that is to be expected for the price point.

What are the different safes?

We have definitely focused on the full size gun safes, which I want to go a little more in depth to the different ones that they offer there. 

However they do also have pistol safes, home safes, and more that are Gettysburg branded. I’ll dig into those a bit as well.

Full Size Safes

I think the easiest way to show the differences in all of the safes it by the below table:

14 gun24 gun40 gun84 gun
Model #FS14E-J24FGSFW40FG72
Fire Rating30 min.30 min.75 min.75 min.
Steel Gauge14 ga.14 ga.14 ga.14 ga.
Capacity14 guns24 guns40 guns84 guns
Bolt Count851220
Weight224 lbs383 lbs536 lbs912 lbs

Pistol Safes / Home Safes

Gettysburg of course does also offer some home safes, as well as pistol safes! Below is what you can expect from these ones.

PersonalOffice SafeBiometric PistolPistol Safe
Model #20EA-GBYB-600-ALPP2EA-BBA094
Steel GaugeUnknownUnknownUnknown19ga / 11ga
Fire RatingNone60 minNoneNone
CapacityUnknownUnknown1 pistol1-2 pistols
Weight13 pounds202.8 pounds15 pounds10 pounds

Who makes Gettysburg safes

From my research, Rural King would be considered the company that makes Gettysburg Gun Safes. 

While they may be a retailer, they do seem to import the safes directly from China, rather than sourcing them from an existing gun safe manufacturer. 

So because of that, Rural King would be the manufacturer of Gettysburg Gun Safes, as well as the sole retailer for the brand.

Gettysburg safe company phone number

Are you in need of getting a hold of the manufacturer of your Gettysburg Gun Safe? Your best bet would be to contact Rural King, because as we discovered above, they would be considered the manufacturer.

Their phone number for warranty is 1-888-577-9823.

Gettysburg gun safe website

Unfortunately Gettysburg Gun Safes do not have their own website, and the only information you can get is by reading sites like ours, by viewing Rural King’s website, or just going into the store and looking at the safes yourself.

If you want to read more about Gettysburg Gun Safes straight from Rural King’s website, I recommend you visit this link.

Gettysburg safe key

Need a new key for your Gettysburg Safe but can’t figure out who to call? I would send you back to their phone number 1-888-577-9823 that we discussed earlier in this article. That will be for Rural King, the manufacturer of the safes.

Are Gettysburg safes any good

Just like any gun safe, this is an extremely relative subject. That said, Gettysburg Gun Safes seem to be a good value! They may not be amazing safes, have low gauge steel, and are a bit on the less secure side of gun safes. However the price is incredibly low for what you are getting.

It really is up to you, if you want to spend more to get a considerably better safe, then that is probably your best bet. However if the cost of these safes is your budget, I think you would be better off with these safes.

What are the competitors?

There are quite a few safes out there in this spectrum of gun safes! You have options like Tracker Safe, the Liberty Centurion, or Stack-On’s array of safes.

If your budget is under $1000, I would highly recommend you read through this article I put together where I detail some of the best safes under that budget range.

Other recommended safes


I hope in this article you were able to find all of the information you may need about Gettysburg Gun Safes! There isn’t a ton out there, however I definitely wanted to make sure everything was in one place.

Gettysburg Safes would be great for a lot of people out there, and because it is sold in Rural King, it is also easily accessible at a brick and mortar store which is awesome.

If you are just in need of a simple gun safe to keep your firearms away from smash and grab thieves, or just visitors in your home. This may be a great option!

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