Stack-On Offers A Wide Array Of Gun Safes [Mid-Range, And Low End]

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The Stack On gun safe brand is one of the most widely known gun safe brands out there. What most people don’t realize, is that Stack-On is also an entry level safe.

The company is actually owned by Alpha Guardian, of whom also owns Cannon and Gun Vault. All three of these brands are known as entry level safes, not bad safes, but are not meant to compete with companies like Fort Knox, Browning or Liberty.

Reviewing the Stack-On gun safe brand

What Stack On safes are well known

There are a couple gun safes that people think of when they look at the Stack On gun safe brand. Let’s take a quick look at these.

  • Elite Series – The Elite gun safes offer a 30 minute fire rating, locking bolts on all 4 sides, and a fully adjustable interior. This is a super basic safe that can be purchased at a low price.
  • Total Defense Series – The Total Defense safe would be my personal choice if I needed to buy a Stack-On. With waterproofing, it is one of the few from any manufacturer to have this feature. It also has a 75 minute fire rating and a mechanical lock.
  • Steel Security Safes – This series of safes does away with the fire rating like their other main line safes. This allows for lighter construction, as well as a lower price.

What benefits does Stack-On bring to the industry

Waterproof gun safe

Surprisingly, you won’t find too many companies out there that have a waterproof safes, so this is a feature that is much needed in the gun safe industry.

I wish more companies would put an emphasis on this, as many people in flood prone areas still need a gun safe.

Economical options

Stack-On is known for being the entry level safes, tons of people have them in their homes because of this. Unfortunately not everyone can shell out $2000 or more for a gun safe, so this company gives a good option for that.

What are the downsides of Stack-On’s offerings

Stack-On can be found pretty much anywhere, including Walmart. The issue with this, is when gun safe companies find their way into these high volume retailers, the retailers force these companies to build a cheaper and cheaper product that looks strong.

This causes a misconception that you may be buying a gun safe that competes with the high end safes out there but for a good price.

Rule of thumb in the gun safe industry… is you really do get what you pay for. This isn’t a slight to Stack-On, but on the consumer that doesn’t do their research.


With all of this said, Stack-On has some huge offerings. They offer some great value and are still a valid entrant into the gun safe industry.

I highly recommend any consumer to do their research and decide if a Stack-On is right for them, or if they should be looking into a higher end safe. It is up to them to decide.

If you want to look more into these safes, you can visit the gun safe section of Stack-On’s website.

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