The Medallion Gun Safe Offers Browning’s Best

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The Browning Medallion gun safe is a quick step down from the Browning’s top Platinum Plus series gun safe and offers some of the best features in the industry.

The safes in this series consist of the 33 standard, 49 wide, 49 tall wide, 65 extra wide, and 65 extra tall wide. All 5 of these safes contain the below features!

Browning Medallion is one step down from the best gun safe Browning offers in their main safes [Picture courtesy of Browning]

10 Gauge steel

The Browning Medallion gun safe series has 10 gauge steel, this is comparable to Fort Knox’s Defender series, and thicker than every Liberty’s safe except for the Presidential series.

26 active locking bolts

This series features up to 26 active bolts. This basically means that every bolt on the safe moves, instead of having the hinge side as fixed. It’s questionable on if this is needed, but is a cool feature at the least.

This picture shows the bolt work (corner bolts), the Axis interior and the DPX door system [picture courtesy of Browning]

Pry-Stop corner bolts

These pry stop corner bolts keep a would-be thief from prying up the corners of this safe. You can learn more about them in this article.

12 color options

The Medallion safes are expensive, there really isn’t any way around that. However where these safes really shine is in the aesthetics department. With 12 color options you can choose whichever color you prefer. 

3 hardware colors

Yeah, thats right, you can even choose your hardware colors.

Browning Medallion Series in Blue
The Browning Medallion looks great in Blue [Picture courtesy of Browning]

3 lock options for the Browning Medallion Gun Safe

You can have any lock you want, as long as it is an electronic lock for quick access, biometric for even quicker access, or a mechanical lock for a safe that will last for generations.

12 scenes

Browning wouldn’t be Browning without a bunch of different scenes that you can choose to be displayed at the bottom of your door.

Axis interior

I talk a lot about this interior, as it is one of my favorites in the industry. It is completely adjustable, and you can purchase more shelves, and accessories down the road.

DPX door system

The Medallion has the full DPX door system with an indent for scoped rifles. Once of the best door systems in the industry.

To purchase this safe, I would recommend you take a look at Browning’s Website, build a safe, and get a personalized quote. You can do that by clicking the button below!