The Browning FMJ Gun Safe is a Sporter Series

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The Browning FMJ 23-gun safe is a bit of a mystery to many people.
There aren’t a ton of reviews on the unit, and it only shows up at
Academy Sports stores and their website. So what is this safe, and is
it any good?

The Browning FMJ-23 Gun Safe reviewed

You don’t have to look any further than the Browning Sporter series
safes. I did a more extensive review of the Sporter series here,
however I will do a quick recap, and then talk about the differences
between the FMJ safes, and the Sporter safes.

The FMJ series does still come with the cantilever interior, half DPX door system, and all the same fire ratings that you would find on the main stream safes out there.

The Browning FMJ-23 Gun Safe is almost identical to the Sporter 23 pictures above [Photo courtesy of Browning]

What are the differences between a Sporter and the Browning FMJ 23-Gun Safe

I’ll be honest, there aren’t many differences between the two. There
are really only 3 that I can find!

  1. The FMJ series only comes in an electronic lock
  2. The pin striping on the bottom will be different, this one will say “FMJ” with the text “Full Metal Jacket” underneath it.
  3. Price, Academy Sports offers free pickup, and depending on where you live, paying the shipping cost will still get you a lower price than if you were to purchase the same safe elsewhere as the Sporter series.


The Sporter series has been one of my favorite safes out there, and
the FMJ just allows the same quality safe to be purchased at an even
lower price. Can’t complain about that!

Gun safes are an important part of owning a firearm, and this safe would be a great option, especially if you live near an Academy Sports so that you would be able to take advantage of free pickup.

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