Browning Sporter Series

The Browning Sporter Series Is My Go-To Entry Level Safe

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In this Browning Sporter Series Review we will find that this is Browning’s entry level full size gun safe. With 12 gauge steel it is easily on part with many of its imported counter parts.

The interior is modular, it looks great, and you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Browning name.
This series includes the Sporter full size safes (49, 33, 23, and 20), The Hawg (49), and the Sporter Home Safe (Compact 9).

The Hawg specifically can be found on my best gun safe under $2000.

What I like about it

Browning’s imported safes may not have the domestically made Axis Interior. However their cantilever shelves are still one of the best in the industry. It has easily adjustable shelve and rifle racks that go up and down and side to side with no issue.

Even in the entry level safes, Browning includes the rifle rack on the door. While some find that these rifles can hit the rifles on the floor of safe, I would recommend taking your time to adjust the interior of the safe to best accommodate what you personally own.

Every Sporter safe “sports” a 60 minute fire rating. This is pretty good, considering most of its competitors have a 30 minute fire rating.

All Browning safes do come with external hinges, and are a point that I very much like.

My final main thing I like about these safes is the finish. These safes have a hammered gloss gray finish. I personally like this finish more than many of the full gloss finishes as fingerprints don’t show up, and as the safe ages and damage happens… it is also less likely to show up.

What I would change about the safe

While the door does have an awesome rifle rack, it does lack some functionality on the door panel. It would have been great to see some of the features that the domestic safes have like the scope saver, and a few more standard pockets.

I wish there were a few more lock options, things like the SecuRAM SafeLogic Xtreme would have been very cool.

I wouldn’t change much else on this safe other than that!


The Browning Sporter Series safes really are one of the best entry level safes out there. They look good, they offer awesome features, and have a great warranty on them.

As a note, Academy Sports sells the SP23 as an FMJ series safe. Also, keep in mind, if you are looking at used safes, Browning switched up their naming scheme back in 2018.