The SecuRAM SafeLogic Xtreme is my favorite lock, here is why

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Everyone has there favorite style of gun safe lock, whether that be the old school mechanical lock, the electronic lock or even biometric lock. However what people don’t really look too closely at is, exactly what model of each of those they like the most.

[Photo Courtesy of SecuRAM]

So I have to ask myself, which is my favorite? My answer is! The SecuRAM SafeLogic Xtreme. Lets check out why this is.

Why I like this redundant lock

The Xtreme model is put into the redundant lock category. What this means, is that you can quickly access the contents of your safe with the electronic keypad. However if the battery dies, or something like an EMP happens, the mechanical lock will also get you into the safe! This is the top thing I like about it.

With so many different styles of locks out there, I feel like not many of them really pay attention to the aesthetics. SecuRAM has with this one though, it has a futuristic feel to it, which is awesome.

Keep this in mind though if you have a rustic style safe like the Ironworks series as it may clash aesthetically.

Its is one unit. Most redundant locks are two separate keypads, where they have an e-lock and a completely separate mechanical lock going to the same mechanism on the inside of the door, much like you would see on a Fort Knox. This one however is all one unit. Pretty cool!

The lock can be used in mechanical mode as well. [Photo Courtesy of SecuRAM]

What I would change

The price is pretty hefty on this, although if you account for the cost it would take to modify an existing safe to having a separated redundant lock, this may be a good value.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change much other than price. SecuRAM has done a great job with this thing.

The electronic lock portion of the lock is great for quick access [Photo Courtesy of SecuRAM]


The SafeLogic Xtreme is a stinking cool lock, if you are looking to modify your safe with a new lock, or you are building a custom safe, this would personally be my pick.