What is an external hinge on a safe?

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External Hinges are a great option for a safe

External hinges are a hinge that is located on the exterior of a safe. An external hinge can be seen from the outside of safe unlike the internal hinge.

Snapsafe External Hinges
Snapsafe is a great example of manufacturers that use external hinges

There are many great reasons to have an external hinge. This includes aesthetics, the ability to remove the door from the safe, as well as there are no complications in the fire rating a of the safe due to fire board needing to be cut out.

Some drawbacks of an external hinge are that it protrudes from the front of the safe, it can be cut off in an attack (however this will not allow the door to be removed, more of just a pain after the attack), as well as some people may find them unsightly.

Manufacturers that use external hinges include Fort Knox, Browning, Rhino, and many foreign made safes.

To see more information about hinge options on safes, take a look at my video here!

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