Building The Lego Technic Police Pursuit Was A Ton Of Fun

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I have recently been on a big Lego kick, probably because I for some reason really enjoy the recent Lego movies that have been coming out. Anyways! Because of this I end up getting Lego Technic sets for my birthdays and Christmas.

The Police Pursuit Box details what the build will look like

The most recent addition to my collection is the Lego Technic Police Pursuit.

While it is a smaller set at only having 120 pieces it proved to be a good and fun challenge. It only took me probably 20 minutes to build but now I have a great car to add to my collection.

The Police Pursuit set comes with 120 pieces

What is good about it

With so few pieces, I am relatively impressed how it turned out, it is a pretty decent size.

It is a functional car! It runs like those cars you have as a kid, where you pull back and let go, and then it goes forward. It may not go super far, but it’s a nice touch!

The Police Pursuit has a steering wheel, while not functional, still a cool addition

I also really like that it can be combined with the Getaway Truck to create a larger off-road vehicle, which is fun! I haven’t done this yet though, but will once I feel like I need a new set.

Where I messed up

One place where I had a bit of a difficulty was placing the motor on the back of the vehicle.

The instructions weren’t super clear on exactly what place to put it, so after quite a bit of building the set, I found that I had done it wrong, and pretty much had to start over.

Just make sure you put the motor all the way to the back (you’ll know what I mean when you build it).


For a price of under $20.00, this was a fun build! I definitely think it is worth it.

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