Plasti Dip Produce Review

Plasti Dip Is My Favorite Way To Modify My Truck

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Alright, so over my years of having low budget cars I have spray painted plenty of cars. Yes, I mean spray paint, like rattle cans.

It’s actually a lot of fun! However it also is very permanent and not a great option when you are wanting to make your truck or car look cooler, without messing up something someone might like when you sell the vehicle.

Plasti Dip Produce Review

Enter Plasti Dip! Plasti sip came into the scene as a plastic coating for tool handles, however they have now for some time been making spray can bottles of the stuff that work awesome for making temporary paint jobs for your car.

Here is a good image of what the truck looked like before the plasti dip
Finished product of Plasti Dip on Ram 1500
This was after I finished both the rims and the bottom panel

Enter my truck! I’ve never been one to have a completely normal looking vehicle, my Dad made sure of that in my upbringing.

So I had to have a two tone look!

All this took was a couple of black Plasti Dip cans and an afternoon!

Let’s run through how I did it!

Step 1

Clean truck. Make sure to clean whatever part of the vehicle that you plan on spraying.

I was impatient and just used water in a bowl and rag.

Step 2

For gosh sakes let it dry. I didn’t let it dry and caused some issues.

On my rims I didn’t let it dry and the Plasti Dip dried on top of the water and caused a bubble.

Step 3

Mask off the area that you are spraying. Nice thing about Plasti Dip is it is very forgiving.

So if you mess up, you can just do it again.

With my rims I actually masked them off with playing cards. I found this by doing some Google searching.

Yes, it looks kinda crazy when you mask off with newspapers
Masking off rims with playing cards
Using playing cards to mask off the rims works awesome

Step 4

Spray first layer, this layer needs to be very light, as it acts as a bonding layer or a primer.

Step 5

After waiting around 10-15 minutes spray a heavier layer. Repeat this until you get the desired thickness. Normally around 3 coats or so will be good.

Step 6

Remove masking tape and enjoy the new look!

What I would have done differently?

The main thing I wish I had known to do better is hard lines.

When you are removing tape off of a hard line, make sure you spray where the tape meets the finished paint to make it damp. Then tear it off at a very steep angles.

This will keep the Plasti Dip from stretching.


Plasti dipping my rims and the bottom of my truck was a lot of fun! And it was easy!

I like that I can finally have some choices on modifying my truck without making permanent changes.

Finished dodge ram rims with plasti dip
Finished product!

Now…. What else can I Plasti Dip for the fun of it.

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